ᐈ My Compu Anses Plan: Computers for retirees 2021: How to process?

The My Compu Plan It is a benefit for the retirees and pensioners of the Anses can access computers and other technological devices of the EXO brand.

In this context, the retiree computer program anses 2021 allows you to choose between desktop PCs; as well as notebooks, netbooks, tablets, cell phones and even solar backpacks. In addition, it is a loan that it is easy to process.

These are teams from EXO Technological Solutions, a sponsor brand of the Program Seniors Connected; whose objective is to disseminate free knowledge about new technologies so that they are a tool for social inclusion in older adults.

Requirements of the Mi Compu Plan

Before requesting the computer or notebook for retirees and pensioners of Anses, you must gather the following documentation:

  • Original and copy of your DNI (National Identity Document).
  • Cuil Certificate (Unique Labor Identification Code recognized by the Anses). You can download it here.
  • Last of the retirement or pension collection receipts (Anses).
  • Latest summary of the applicant’s credit card or invoice for a fixed service (electricity, gas, fixed telephony, among others).

How to process the Mi Compu Plan?

The program My Compu for retirees and pensioners It is easy to process, since you only have to do the following:

  1. Request your turn on the website of the Banco Nación Argentina.
  2. Go to the branch of Banco Nación that has your turn.
  3. Apply for the My Compu Retired EXO Loan.
  4. Submit the required documentation.

What are the benefits of the program?

This is a loan that consists of several benefits, one of them being the possibility of obtaining an EXO computer up to 40 fixed installments. In addition, it is a exclusive benefit for retirees of the Anses. Other features of the Mi Compu Plan:

  • Its simple processing, with few requirements and from any branch of Banco Nación.
  • The fees are deducted directly from the retirement or pension without having to go to the bank.
  • The computer is delivered free of charge (free) nationwide.
  • It is not necessary to be a client of Banco Nación.
  • It allows full early cancellation without extra charge.
  • EXO computers are powered by genuine Windows 10 operating system and Intel® technology.
  • You will have a one-year guarantee on your loan equipment; as well as after-sales service throughout the country.

Finally, some of the equipment that you can obtain with this loan goes from computers, to laptops, backpacks and cell phones of the EXO brand. Some of them are the MCF Notebook, the MCF desktop computer, an MCF All in one computer, a Spanky Easy 4G cell phone, among others.

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