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07.01.2021 – 18:34

The Economist

Our cover story this week focuses on the repulsive sight of an incumbent president calling on a mob to march to Congress – and then praising them after rioting broke out. There is no doubt that Donald Trump is the originator of this attack on the heart of American democracy. His lies fueled resentments, his disregard for the constitution focused him on Congress, and his demagogy lit the fuse. The violence pretended to be a show of force. In reality, it masked two defeats. While Trump’s supporters broke into the Capitol, Congress confirmed the results of the president’s irrevocable defeat in November. And while the mob was smashing windows, the Democrats celebrated two unlikely victories in Georgia that will put them in control of the Senate. The anger of the mob will echo in the Republican Party as it is in the opposition. That could have profound implications for Joe Biden’s upcoming presidency.

Other topics:

The Republican Party: After the Insurrection

Illustrate the terrible scenes in the Capitol how Donald Trump changed his party, and how hard it will be to get rid of.

The runoff elections in Georgia

Two amazing Democratic victories turn the Senate inside out.

Inoculating the world: the big task

The Race to vaccinate the entire world started in earnest, which poses problems for many people and offers some opportunities.

Dealing with China

Arrests in Hong Kong and Europe’s trade deals show that the west on the retreat is.

The rise of the markets

Why the insane upward trend in stock prices could just go on.

20 years of Wikipedia

For his 20th birthday it was Wikipedias reputation never higher.

Particularly interesting for our readers in Germany:

Germany AG in China. German companies will continue to invest billions in China regardless of geopolitics.

The annual preview of The Economist:

The World in 2021 – A year of luck, risk-taking and chance

The Economist lists the top 10 trends and topics that will shape the coming year.

Business on the front line. Another front for the US-China conflict is corporations, and not just the obvious examples Huawei and TikTokas the economy becomes more and more of a geopolitical battlefield. In addition to pressure from above, bosses are also exposed to pressure from below, as employees and customers ask them to take a stand on climate change and social justice where politicians have done too little.

Read all 10 topics here.

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