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“Be careful! Be careful!” Lihui was at a loss when his mother shouted. He just picked up an egg from the refrigerator to make a sandwich, but his mother yelled.

Mom wasn’t worried that he broke the egg, but that his hands might be contaminated with salmonella on the shell. “Hurry up and wash your hands after you beat the eggs!” Mom urged again.

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Due to the recent epidemic, Lihui arrived home from school without stepping inside the door. He saw his mother fully armed, holding a sprayer and wearing a mask. , eyes closed…” As her mother was facing a formidable enemy, she tried her best to drive the virus out of the house.

Recently, Lihui lost his appetite and was afraid of eating viruses; worried that the germs on his body had not been completely eliminated; smelled the strange smell of the quilt, thought the virus was coming, and took a shower at least three times a day.

My mother consulted Dr. Chen, a family doctor, and found that she was too nervous. You can watch the TV epidemic report, but it is not good to watch it all the time and worry about it all the time; the child can warn, but not call again and again.

“Building Correct Concepts” Parents’ Attitude Makes Children More Nervous

After listening to Lihui’s mother’s statement, Dr. Chen responded online: “Bacteria are also known as germs. Bacteria are everywhere. It is impossible for a person to live in a sterile state all day long. As long as the immune system is strong, it is capable of fighting.

“A virus has only one gene, which can infect the human body or other organisms to reproduce its offspring. After the virus enters the body, the human immune system is activated, and as long as it is strong enough, it can resist. Therefore, Lihui can’t eat, If he can’t sleep well, how can he help him build up his immune system as soon as possible?” Dr. Chen asked Lihui’s mother.

“A moderate amount of germs can make human beings live a healthier life; a sudden virus can let human beings learn various ways to fight it.” Dr. Chen reminded Lihui’s mother that “fighting against it bravely” is more important than “fear and escape” before pressing the computer button.

Lihui’s mother figured out that she must adjust the way she interacts with her son.

First, review the origins of your nervousness. She recalled that when she was in school, her mother yelled at her when she came home from class, asking her to wash her hands, change her clothes, and not allow her to eat cakes with her hands. The mother-daughter relationship had been tense for a long time.

Second, stop loudly stopping your son’s every move. In this way, the tension during interaction increases, causing the “prefrontal cortex” and “amygdala” of the son’s brain structure to fail to develop normally, resulting in emotional anxiety.

Third, trust your son’s ability to take care of himself. Including daily life, hygiene habits, and various countermeasures against the virus, my son is absorbing common sense and adjusting his pace.

Who is scarier than a virus?

“Let’s just say a few words, my son actually quickly returned to his former lively health, Mr. Wu, do you know? A couple of days ago, my son jokingly asked his father a question – Dad, who is the person more terrifying than the virus?

“My husband guessed several people’s names, but he didn’t answer correctly. The final answer was revealed, and it was actually ‘Mom’. We all laughed crookedly, ha, am I so serious?”

In the “Happiness Mentor Class”, Lihui’s mother shared her experience of fighting the “virus battle” in recent months. She is fortunate that the rapid flow of modern information has allowed her to search for a lot of medical knowledge on the Internet, and she can also consult a professional Dr. Chen , and her husband also supported her to adjust the parenting model, so before the epidemic alarm was completely lifted, the relationship between mother and son had turned a corner.

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