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AI advancing too fast has created global unease

After a few years of silence, the recent development of AI has surpassed everyone’s imagination. Generative AI has brought a trend in various industries, but it has also quickly raised doubts.

Convenience always has a corresponding price. This time, doubts are rising faster than in the past. International voices have begun to call for the banning of ChatGPT, such asMusk publishes an open letterhoping to suspend training an AI system stronger than OpenAI’s new GPT-4 for six months, citing the potential danger to society and humanity.

Regardless of whether there are other commercial considerations, what Musk said is true. The European Commission and the Biden administration have also begun to think about the security and privacy of artificial intelligence. It was previously pointed out that ChatGPT will reveal other people’s conversation records, which even include private information such as names and billing addresses. Although Open AI claims to “protect personal privacy”, it does not seem to be fully achieved.

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