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The autumn and winter of 2022 is going to be crazy World Cup, don’t miss the biggest World Cup every four years! 11/23 (Wed) Today’s exciting game live broadcast information has been sorted out for you. Morocco vs. Croatia, who will win the group stage? Don’t miss any game, and set the alarm clock to watch in the middle of the night World Football!

World Cup Football Live / Rebroadcast

Battle combination:Morocco vs Croatia (Group F)
Competing time:Taiwan time 11/23 (Wed) 18:00
(You can watch it half an hour earlier, there will be player introductions, the national anthems of the two teams, etc.)

↓↓↓For the latest real-time battle situation, just watch here! ↓↓↓

2022 World Cup TV broadcast: Chunghwa Telecom MOD (Erda Sports Station), China TV main frequency CH12
2022 World Cup Webcast: Hami Video Sports, ELTA.tv

Watch for free on the small screen →Hami Video Watch World Cup Free (Do not pursue high-definition big screen, the small frame in the webpage can directly watch the game)
Watch World Football for free-1.jpg

2022 World Cup - Group Stage Table.jpg The original image is translated from:FIFAA Twitter / Foodie Mary Remake

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