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[국제]China boasts ‘anti-epidemic defense’ even on Omicron… 3 Hong Kong confirmed ‘tactile’


Countries are nervous about the emergence of the ‘Omicron’ mutation, but China, which is already doing border-blocking-level quarantine, insists that its choice was the right one.

However, in Hong Kong, which faces mainland China, three omicron mutation infections have been found, and the situation is not reassuring.

Correspondent Sung-woong Kang reports from Beijing.


It has been more than 10 days since the omicron mutation was reported, but China has yet to take a special response.

It is the position that we will take action after accurately understanding the risk of Omicron mutation.

[중난산 / 중국 공정원 원사 : 병세를 악화시키는지 별도로 백신을 개발해야 하는 지 이런 상황을 보고 판단해야 합니다. 지금 결론 내기에는 이릅니다.]

Gwanbyeon media claimed that China is already a ‘defense stronghold of quarantine’ that can even block Omicron.

There is no problem because the number of inbound travelers is kept to a minimum and quarantined in a separate facility for three weeks.

But China is also closely monitoring the situation.

[왕원빈 / 중국 외교부 대변인 : 중국은 세계 코로나19 상황을 예의 주시하면서 입국자에 대해 과학적으로 필요한 조치와 동태적인 조정을 하고 있습니다.]

In Hong Kong, which borders mainland China, there have already been three confirmed cases of Omicron mutation.

In particular, two of them came from South Africa and Canada, and they did not know each other and were infected while staying in a different room in the same hotel.

Both had completed their Pfizer vaccinations, but were found to have breakthrough infections.

Hong Kong authorities have first tightened quarantines for people arriving from eight South African countries.

During the three-week quarantine period, the first 7 days were to be tested for COVID-19 daily, followed by an additional 5 times.

China initially tried to ease quarantine for people traveling to and from Hong Kong from this week, but the emergence of the Omicron mutation is expected to delay those plans as well.

This is Sungwoong Kang from YTN in Beijing.

YTN Kang Sung-woong ([email protected])

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