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[국제]North China freight train resumes operation after 150 days… 1 round trip a day

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Freight train services between North Korea and China have resumed.

It has been 150 days since the railroad was cut off due to the spread of Corona 19 in Dandong, China in April.

Contact Beijing for more details. Correspondent Kang Jeong-gyu!

Did the North China freight train depart from Dandong, China first?


Yes, the freight train started moving in Dandong around 7:40 this morning time here.

It is 8:40 am Korean time.

The train crossed the Yalu River and crossed over to Sinuiju.

Local sources said that starting today, regular service will be held once a day.

This is the first resumption of operation in 150 days, but in fact, land transportation between North Korea and China has not been smooth since the outbreak of Corona 19.

In January 2020, North Korea closed its borders for the prevention of Corona 19, and the operation was delayed, and the railroad was closed from September of that year.

As the quarantine situation in China improved in January of this year, the road was opened for the first time in a year and five months, but the railroad was closed again at the end of April due to the re-spread of Corona 19 in both sides of North Korea and China.


So, how has the trade between North Korea and China been going?


Instead, maritime trade increased.

However, only small ships of 10,000 tons or less move because ships entering and leaving North Korea cannot enter and exit other countries.

Because of the long line, transportation costs are high, and there is a limit to securing cargo volume.

So, the two sides have been continuously discussing the resumption of freight train operations.

It was clear that the overland route would be reopened soon, but there are also evaluations that it was earlier than expected as China was about to hold the Communist Party Congress on October 16th.

It is also a testament to the lack of supply to North Korea.

In today’s North Korean report, it is said that the Politburo meeting was held yesterday to discuss the autumn harvest and food supply issues.

Some are concerned that the operation may resume after the Chinese party congress with the intention of carrying out the 7th nuclear test by North Korea.

If military tensions on the Korean Peninsula increase and additional sanctions are imposed on North Korea, trade between North Korea and China could be restricted, so it was necessary to move quickly.

So far, it has been delivered from Beijing.

YTN Kang Jeong-gyu ([email protected])

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