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[국제]Shocked by indiscriminate conscription, “I’m leaving because I hate the Putin regime”…Escape by bike

by archyde


As Russia orders mobilization and recruits young people, an escape procession continues at the border.

There are also complaints from within Russia that this conscription was biased towards rural areas or ethnic minorities.

Reporter Kang Seong-woong reports.


This is the border road from Russia to Kazakhstan.

In addition to the large trucks that I normally travel, there are long lines of cars in the inner lane.

After the mobilization order was issued, vehicles trying to leave Russia continue to pour in.

[현지 남성 제보자 / AP TN 제공(첼라빈스크 지역 부그리스토예, 23일 : 저기가 국경이고, 여행객들은 여기 있습니다. 차량들도 있고요.]

An escape procession continues on the border with Georgia in the south of Russia.

As people without military experience and even college students began to conscript, anxiety grew.

Roman Isif / Russian: Right now, no one knows who will get a draft tomorrow.]

You can also see people rushing out of the border with only important things on their bikes.

The reason I am leaving Russia is that I cannot risk my life in an unjustified war.

[데이비드 / 러시아 스타브로폴 거주자 : 우리는 사람을 죽이는 정권을 떠나는 겁니다. 처음에는 국내 사람을 죽이더니 이제는 외국에서 사람을 죽이고 있습니다.]

In the midst of this, the recruitment of reserve forces from various parts of Russia continues.

However, even those who are enlisting in the military are not sure about this war.

[미하일 비노쿠로프 / 징집 대상자 (야쿠츠크 지역) : 물론 조국을 지킬 준비가 돼 있습니다. 그런데 이번은 아닌 것 같습니다, 확신이 안 서요. 내가 나갈 전쟁이 아닙니다.]

The New York Times newspaper reported that the conscripted population was concentrated in rural areas and remote areas, creating resistance.

It is trying to dispel the anti-war public opinion in the big city, but some ethnic minorities and local opposition are being detected.

This is YTN Kang Sung-woong.

YTN Kang Sung-woong ([email protected])

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