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[단독] Tanks and self-propelled artillery to be used by our military to Poland… Concerns about ‘power vacuum’

by archyde

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K-2 tanks and K-9 self-propelled guns, our domestic weapons.

Recently, it became a hot topic as a ‘K-Defense myth’ as ​​it signed a large-scale export contract with Poland.

However, in order to fill the first export volume to be sent to Poland, it is understood that the amount that the Korean military was originally supposed to receive, as well as the self-propelled artillery currently in operation in the military, was drawn in and filled.

Although production facilities are limited and export deadlines are tight, a power gap in our military has become inevitable for the time being.

Reporter Hong Eui-pyo was the sole reporter.

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The K-2 tank and K-9 self-propelled howitzer are recognized as domestic ‘luxury weapons’.

Poland, where strengthening its army was a top priority due to the Ukrainian War, also chose them.

We signed an introduction contract worth 5.7 billion dollars and 7.7 trillion won in our money.

[엄동환/방위사업청장 (지난 8월 27일)]

“While (Poland) was operating K-9 and K-2 tanks, we took a close look at the details so that there was no inconvenience…”

K-2 tanks until 2025 and K-9 self-propelled guns until 2026 to Poland.

However, it has been confirmed that this export includes South Korean military supplies.

180 K-2 tanks and 212 K-9 self-propelled guns exported to Poland.

Of these, 32 K-2s and 12 K-9s were originally to be delivered to the Korean Army, but we decided to send them to Poland first.

In particular, in the case of K-9 self-propelled howitzers, 36 guns currently in use by the army were also included in the export target under the Polish consent.

It is said that this plan was decided in July after discussions between the Ministry of National Defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Army and the Defense Acquisition Program Administration.

This appears to be due to production not being able to meet demand on the Polish side in time.

Our military supplies will be replenished later, but the introduction has been delayed by about a year each.

In particular, concerns are raised that self-propelled artillery currently in operation is included in the export target, which could lead to a power gap.

[송옥주 의원/국회 국방위원회]

“There are areas where there are concerns that there will be a gap in national security. They are talking about making up for it, but they need to be thoroughly investigated.”

The Ministry of National Defense said, “We have the principle of promoting defense exports while maintaining a thorough military readiness posture.”

However, as there is a power gap for a certain period of time, it is pointed out that alternatives such as replacing some of the old K-1 tanks with new engines to fill the gap in the exported K-2 should also be considered.

This is Eui-pyo Hong from MBC News.

Video coverage: Byung-soon Yoon/Video editing: Byeong-geun Park

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