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[방송]’I Live Alone’ Lee Eun-ji, female draft 84? Unusual daily disclosure

Comedian Eunji Lee returns to ‘I Live Alone’. Attention is drawn to the unusual daily life of ‘Female Gian84’ Eun-ji Lee, who uses a washing machine as a storage cabinet and enjoys a half-bath in the middle of the living room.

On the 10th at 11:10 pm on MBC’s ‘I Live Alone’, Lee Eun-ji’s life beyond imagination is revealed.

Eunji Lee transformed into ‘Eunji Gil’ in ‘I Live Alone’ last October and held a dance battle on the streets of Hongdae, showing what the true hacker life is. In ‘I Live Alone’, which I found again, Eunji Lee foretells the unusual daily life of the main character, raising expectations.

Eunji Lee is enjoying a half-bath in the middle of the living room, causing laughter. While attention is focused on the simple bathtub that left the bathroom and advanced to the living room (?), Eunji Lee said that she even performed a ‘half-bath girl group dance’ in the bathtub, stimulating curiosity.

Lee Eun-ji, a ‘girl group maniac’ who knows her, showed off her girl group dance skills in a simple bathtub that made her tongue stick out. However, it is rumored that the flashy dance soon caused a catastrophe. Eunji Lee: “Oh! What’s going on in this world?” and will make a quick fix and bring laughter.

In particular, Eun-ji Lee, who was in charge of fixing the accident, raises curiosity by saying that she will be ranked as ‘Women’s Gian 84’ for her actions that shocked everyone. Attention is focused on Lee Eun-ji’s sudden action, who ‘copped’ Gian 84’s natural moment as it is.

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