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[사회]Apartment ‘wallpad’ hacking fear spread… How to respond?


The related ministries and police started cracking down on the hacking of a ‘wallpad’ installed like an intercom in an apartment that can manage multiple IT devices.

There are many people who are worried about whether our house will be okay as we go through the list of apartments that have already been hacked.

Reporter Um Yun-ju reports.


A security expert uses a hacking program to access the ‘Wallpad’, a smart home system in the apartment complex.

You can even make a phone call and sneak a peek at your neighbour, turn the boiler or light on or off.

Since the firewall of the smart home system installed on the main server responds only to external attacks, it is inevitably vulnerable to hacking attempts within the complex.

In other words, even if only one household is successfully hacked, other households can be easily hacked through the public network.

[이용일 / 사이버 보안 업체 대표 : 해킹의 통로가 마련되는 거죠. 마찬가지로 홈네트워크도 어떤 한 세대가 해킹을 당하면 그걸 통해서 연결돼있는 거죠, 홈네트워크로.]

Recently, by exploiting this vulnerability, a video illegally filmed with a domestic apartment wallpad camera was circulated on the so-called ‘Dark Web’ site, which can only be accessed through a specific program, sparking controversy.

Even the hacked apartment area and over 700 names have been disclosed to the online community, and the apartment residents are trembling in fear of leaking their privacy.

The police and the Ministry of Science and ICT are tracking hackers while checking whether the video has been leaked or distributed, but the problem is that there is virtually no countermeasure to prevent damage.

[이용일 / 사이버 보안 업체 대표 : 이런 문제를 일반 개인한테 뭔가 조치를 취하고 일반 개인들 조심하세요, 이렇게 하는 것은 문제 해결이 안 되고요. 일단 홈네트워크 기기 들어가는 장비들, 장치들, 시스템들이 도입되기 전에 보안성 검토라든지.]

In some cases, the camera lamp lights up when hacked, but hacking technology that records with the lights off is also possible, so it is virtually impossible for an individual to notice.

After all, the only way to prevent damage is to cover the lens when the camera function is not in use.

Also, for home network devices, passwords must be set and changed periodically.

The Ministry of Science and ICT, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport decided to push ahead with a plan to make it mandatory to separate networks between generations to prevent the spread of further damage.

This is YTN Yunju Um.

YTN Yunju Um ([email protected])

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