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[사회]Ourhome vice chairman charged with retaliatory driving… sentenced next month

It has been confirmed that Koo Bon-seong, vice chairman of the food company Ourhome, is being tried for retaliatory driving for damaging a car and injuring the other driver.

The Seoul Central District Court is proceeding with the trial of Vice Chairman Koo, who has been charged with damage to special property and special injury.

Vice Chairman Koo was handed over to trial on charges of retaliatory driving, such as driving near Hakdong Intersection in Seoul in September last year and suddenly stopping and causing an accident when another car cut in.

Vice-Chairman Koo fled immediately after the accident, but another car driver, Mr. A, chased after him, got out of the car and asked Vice Chairman Koo not to run away.

Vice Chairman Koo was indicted in March, and all the pleadings were completed on the 13th, and the court is scheduled to give a first-instance sentence against Vice Chairman Koo on the 3rd of next month.

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