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[정치]North Korea’s SLBM launch readiness trend detected… “Immediate response in case of provocation”

by archyde


It is reported that the South Korean military has detected a trend in North Korea preparing to launch submarine-launched ballistic missiles and SLBMs from the Sinpo area in South Hamgyong Province.

President Yun Seok-yeol was informed of signs of North Korea’s provocation on the plane just before returning home, and ordered immediate response in case of provocation.

This is reporter Lee Kyo-jun.


President Yoon Seok-yeol presided over the National Security Situation Inspection Meeting aboard Air Force Unit 1.

It is just before take-off to go home after the tour of 7 days and 5 nights.

While receiving a report on the security situation during his absence, he identified the situation and dynamics related to signs of provocations such as North Korea’s submarine-launched ballistic missiles and SLBMs.

President Yoon instructed Defense Minister Lee Jong-seop to immediately implement the countermeasures prepared in advance if a situation arises.

It is unusual for the presidential office to preemptively disclose signs of North Korea’s provocation along with the contents of the meeting, and it seems to be a strong warning to North Korea.

Military authorities are said to have caught a related trend in the Sinpo area, where submarines and SLBM development facilities are located on the 21st and 22nd.

The military said that it is closely monitoring the North’s movements and has a thorough readiness posture.

The military is planning to conduct joint naval exercises in the East Sea at the end of this month with the US nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan deployed on the Korean Peninsula for the first time in five years.

If North Korea proceeds with a SLBM provocation, it is a resumption of high-intensity provocations, raising concerns that tensions on the Korean Peninsula will increase further.

[박원곤 / 이화여대 북한학과 교수 : SLBM은 파괴력이 매우 큰 전략무기 형태이기 때문에 고강도 도발임이 확실한 것이고요. 그 이후에 북한이 더욱더 고강도 도발, 7차 핵실험의 가능성까지 열고 본격적으로 자신들의 길을 다시금 간다고 볼 수도 있겠죠.]

It is observed that North Korea is in a hurry to develop a new submarine of 3,000 tons or more that can carry multiple SLBMs while the level of nuclear provocation is increasing.

38 North, a North Korean media outlet, analyzed that North Korea was preparing to launch a new submarine on the 18th based on satellite images of the gathering of ships around the Sinpo Shipyard.

This is Kyojun Lee from YTN.

YTN Kyojun Lee ([email protected])

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