๐ŸŽฅ RWDM’s phantom goal: “It’s a scandal!”

The RWDM overturned the Lierse in D1B, making the correct operation en route to the barrages. But the goal that allowed this return to the game should perhaps not have been validated…

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It all happened in the last 10 minutes for RWDM, and it all started with a self-goal from Kenneth Schuermans, which Jens Teunckens … had nevertheless captured. And quite clearly, the ball does not appear to have crossed the line. But in D1B, the VAR is not there to help the referee…

The consequences of what could well be a huge mistake? The victory of RWDM, who will score two more goals in stoppage time. “I still can’t believe it. This ball never crossed the line, it’s a pure scandal”, Teunckens complained after the match.

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