🏦 Banregio invests in wellness to attract and retain talent

  • Banregio invests in the well-being of employees, as part of the emotional salary that increases productivity.
  • The financial institution considers part of the emotional well-being and professional growth is that the collaborators recognize their vulnerabilities.
  • Banregio managed to place 60% of the administrative collaborators to work remotely, as part of its welfare actions, explained Fidel Ibarra, director of Human Resources.

Investing in the well-being of employees it is a differentiator to attract and retain the best talent, it is part of the emotional salary that increases productivity, explained Fidel Ibarra, director of Human Resources at Banregio.

This banking institution is part of the organizations recognized by the Institute of Wellbeing and Happiness Sciences, of the Tecmilenio University, through the Wellbeing Factor distinctive.https://businessinsider.mx/bienestar-organizaciones-factor-wellbeing-2021/

“Betting on a culture of development, and of physical and emotional well-being is aligned with our values ​​and vision. This is not something that is only written in a document, we really want people to feel that they can (exploit) their potential in this place, and thus collaborators and the company can fulfill a more important purpose, which impacts customers ”, he says. the director in the institution where more than 4,000 people collaborate.

In Banregio, well-being is understood as the ‘balance’ of 4 values

The Coronavirus pandemic represented a drop in employee productivity of between 10% and 15% globally, according to data collected by the Global Wellness Institute.

Although according to estimates made by members of the Institute of Well-being and Happiness Sciences, in Mexico, something as everyday as asking the employee to ‘jump’ from one task to another, without clarity about their expectations and adequate training, produces blockages that damage productivity by up to 40 percent.

Keeping these metrics and their development scenarios in mind, Fidel Ibarra comments that well-being in this institution has a more ‘holistic’ approach, in the sense that it seeks to design activities to take care of people’s health in a very varied sense.

“The financial thing, for example. This type of course has had a rise in demand. People are interested in knowing how to take care of their money as much or more than other types of aid ”, exemplifies the director of Human Resources.

In Banregio, where training per employee averages 28.4 hours, they base their health and quality of life proposal on four pillars: physical, emotional, financial well-being and healthy personal interactions.

It was along these lines that they shared with the Tecmilenio University and with Business Insider Mexico some practices to mark the differential -from their corporate brand- to attract and retain people.

Showing vulnerability is also part of well-being in Banregio

In a sector such as banking, where direct service is provided to the publicThinking about flexibility – which could be the most emblematic resource for well-being – is 100% impossible.

Banregio faced the challenge of being more flexible for its 4,045 employees by aiming towards the renewal of knowledge and better staff management, leveraging new technological solutions and that is how it integrated more workers from different geographic locations in programs that were previously exclusive to Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey.

With this ‘reinterpretation of flexibility’ Not only training is strengthenedInstead, 60% of the administrative collaborators were placed to work remotely, the director said in an interview.

The talks on emotional health / experiential experiences, family days and developed the concept ‘Human Library’, through which collaborators -including management team- are invited to share a difficult, challenging situation that has been experienced. The idea is to know the experience and the way in which the person came forward.

“We are interested in the directors showing that vulnerability that is in everyone, but that is culturally limited. Perhaps out of fear of losing some control, but, by doing so, the approach with your collaborators changes completely ”, comments Fidel Ibarra.

Banregio went to the kitchen

He added that an event such as inviting collaborators to ‘connect’ with each other, with virtual cooking sessions, accompanied by their families, allows them to demonstrate to collaborators that their emotional health was the new ‘mantra’ to work from this institution, because the Scenario and workloads could put a high level of stress on anyone in the organization.

Generating a welfare action, or of any other type, without measuring it hardly leads to improvements, says Ibarra García, who adds that the most notorious impacts of his investment on this issue is an improvement / increase in two indicators:

  • eNPS that measures the level of favorable opinion of employees towards Banregio as an employer brand.
  • Level of pride and belonging, through which the engagement of people and their families with the institution is evaluated, and which today scores 98%, according to figures from the manager.

“We are convinced that a full, committed collaborator will always put passion and all his talent in the tasks he is in charge of. That makes us think all the time that emotional salary initiatives can make our difference ”, said the Human Resources director.

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