🚀 The undeniable usefulness of virtual reality in space (ISS)

2024-02-21 05:00:11

On November 7, the sending of a Vive Focus 3 virtual reality headset from HTC Vive to the International Space Station (ISS) made it possible to test a new approach for the well-being of astronauts on long-term missions. ©e. This initiative, resulting from a collaboration involving HTC Vive, XRHealth and Nord-Space Aps, explores the benefits of virtual reality (Virtual reality is an immersive, visual, interactive computer simulation, etc.) (VR) for maintaining the mental health (Mental health is a relatively new and polysemous term. Usually…) astronauts constantly confronted with the microgravity (Microgravity, in the field of astronautics, is the state of a body such as all of…).

Space missions subject crews to a set of significant psychological constraints: isolation, lack of variety in environmental stimuli and stress (Stress (“constraint” in English), or general syndrome…) increased. To overcome these difficulties, the Vive Focus 3 headset, specifically adapted to spatial conditions, represents a tool (A tool is a finalized object used by a living being with the aim of increasing its…) aimed at improving stress management and preventing disorders linked to prolonged isolation.

Andreas Mogensen, mission astronaut Nasa (La National Aeronautics and Space Administration (« Administration nationale de…) Crew-7, was the first to benefit from this technology (The word technology has two meanings in fact 🙂using the headset for mental relaxation sessions.

On February 15, 2024, it was announced that the use of the Vive Focus 3 would extend beyond mental health support to also include physical exercise. With this extension, workout routines physique (Physics (from the Greek φυσις, nature) is etymologically the…) astronauts are now enriched by visual and interactive immersion. By combining theusage (Use is the action of using something.) From the VR headset to an exercise bike, astronauts can simulate cycling courses in various landscapes.

VR thus plays a role in the quest to improve the physical and mental health of astronauts. By recreating natural environments and providing auditory and visual stimulation, the headset allows a link with the Terre (Earth is the third planet in the Solar System in order of distance…)helping to overcome spatial isolation.

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