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????‍♀ Horoscope for today December 27, 2021 for zodiac signs

Daily horoscope on 5-tv.ru: today, December 27, the waning moon is in the sign of Libra. This is the day when the universe will be conducive to bold and risky endeavors. True, you will have to risk different signs of the zodiac in different spheres of life.

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Playing the role of a savior is easy and enjoyable. In moments like this, we feel our ego receives powerful nourishment. Being on the receiving side, we feel uncomfortable. The truth is, all relationships are based on receiving and transmitting energy, Aries. One cannot exist without the other, so allow yourself to be vulnerable.

Cosmic tip: you give a lot to other people, do not hesitate to accept help from them.


No matter where you start your journey, always dream of something bigger. Every day, Taurus, is a unique opportunity to move forward and take risks. Today you have more resources to do this than ever. Failure only makes you stronger. Do not be afraid to take a rash step, the game is worth the candle.

Cosmic tip: stop worrying about the consequences, just take the risk.


On the pre-holiday days, not everyone feels joy, for many it is a very difficult period. To make it easier to cope with the piled stress, spend more time with your other half. It may not be possible to do this right now, but you can definitely plan how long you will be alone. Single Gemini stars are encouraged to stay open to new acquaintances.

Cosmic tip: Stay open to new connections.

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We live in the world of media and social networks, Cancers! Today everyone has their own opinion about everything. Including what you should and shouldn’t do. And if you listen to everyone, you will be pulled to the very bottom. Don’t be afraid to defend your personal boundaries. You don’t need to scandalize with anyone and ask to be left behind with your advice – it’s enough just not to take other people’s words to heart and live your life.

Cosmic tip: today, listen less to others and trust yourself more.


Summing up the results of 2021, you may feel that you are on the right path: doing what you love and communicating with the right people. This attitude is 100% likely to lead you to success, Leo! Remember, great things actually happen long before the climax. They are based on lengthy and at times boring preparation. Be patient and be sure to see the magic.

Cosmic tip: great success awaits you, but it will require careful preparation.


It’s time to think about one of the most important questions in life: “What do I really want?” Everything is going well now, but the stars indicate that you are on the cusp of something completely new. You may have to make tough choices. In this case, do not rush, click on “pause” and ask yourself if the opportunity presented is in line with your true goal.

Cosmic tip: you will soon find yourself at a crossroads, do not rush to choose a path.

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It’s time for you to meet randomly, Libra! This is the time to find love so strong that it can blow your heart and mind. There is only one way to let her into your life – to be the wildest version of yourself. The stars indicate that you will feel the urge to make a lifestyle change. Well, the beginning of the new year is 52 times better for this than a regular Monday.

Cosmic tip: do you believe in magic? But she seems to have believed in you and will soon burst into your life.


There comes a moment in life when we must let go of all the familiar and take a step into the unknown. Travel to this mysterious place where past knowledge cannot provide you with a sense of comfort, Scorpios. Yes, you will definitely want to drop everything and return to the known and familiar. But this will pass, and you will find yourself in a new and better place. Be courageous and fear will give way to hope.

Cosmic tip: you yourself know everything, the motto of the day: only forward!


Sagittarius, you used to try to build relationships with people who only half loved you and decided to leave at the first sign of trouble. Do you really want to repeat old mistakes and hold on to old relationships, knowing full well that nothing will work out? Make a balanced decision.

Cosmic tip: analyze your past.

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Today the universe has given you its blessing to sow seeds of good everywhere. Charge people with energy and good mood, even if you yourself do not have enough of them. You will see, much more will come back. On these holiday days, spread joy like confetti and spend time with those you love the most.

Cosmic tip: you don’t have to wait for the festive mood, you need to create it.


What does “home” mean to you, Aquarius? The whole planet? Your country? Only an apartment? Or your favorite rooftop spot? In any case, home is a place where you feel safe and can be yourself. The stars want you to take care of this space today as much as it cares for you. Take the time to tidy up and decorate it.

Cosmic tip: take care of your home the way it cares for you.

♊ Pisces

Today is one of those days when it seems like everyone has left you. And this is not bad, because this feeling can be replaced by the belief that the people around you create more problems than they solve. Breathe, Pisces, just breathe. Perhaps you’ve had enough and you need to stop trying to control everything. At least today, let them figure it out without you.

Cosmic tip: you need to learn independence. And today we are not talking about you, but about those around you.

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