0: 6 debacle: Beckenbauer – “Now the world is laughing at us”

Soccer 0: 6 debacle

Beckenbauer – “Now the world is laughing at us”

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Fear of job? “I can’t answer spontaneously”

The DFB team suffered a historic defeat with the debacle against Spain. Joachim Löw doesn’t see a quality problem and doesn’t really want to answer a question about his future.

After the historical 0: 6 bankruptcy of the German national soccer team, Franz Beckenbauer speaks out in favor of Thomas Müller’s comeback. He also takes a position on the question of whether Löw should stay as head coach.

NAfter the German national soccer team’s 0: 6 against Spain, Franz Beckenbauer has spoken out in favor of national coach Joachim Löw. At the same time, the world champion coach from 1990 was also campaigning for a comeback for Thomas Müller.

“Thomas Müller would whip the team into shape. Like at Bayern in difficult game phases, ”said the 75-year-old of“ Bild ”(Friday). The heavily counted Löw should remain a coach: “Of course he should continue and tackle the EM. In the end, the game helps him to gain new knowledge. “

When asked whether the upheaval forced by Löw must now be stopped and there must be a comeback not only from Müller, but also from his team-mate at Bayern Munich, Jérôme Boateng, and defender Mats Hummels from Borussia Dortmund, Beckenbauer said: ” If it doesn’t work in March for the last three international matches before the European Championship, Jogi has to change course. ”

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Löw had assorted the three world champions from 2014 in spring 2019 in order to be able to give younger players more opportunities.

Beckenbauer ticked the Spain game: “That was nothing from the German team. A total blackout. ”Something like that just happens. “Now the world is laughing at us. Fortunately, there are rarely such failures with the national team. Therefore: leave the church in the village. ”

But there is a “leadership problem on the pitch in Löw’s team. I haven’t seen a rearing up, nothing. You need a leader when things are not going well. ”The 6-0 draw in the Nations League was the highest competitive defeat for an senior national team in the history of the DFB.


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