1. FC Frankfurt: Brandenburgliga striker is now studying in Florida

Frankfurt (Oder)
Sandro Henning has exciting stress days behind her and in front of her. He tackled the USA adventure and landed in Florida, looks around, orients himself. The 20-year-old soccer player of 1. FC Frankfurt will start a four-year Bachelor degree at the Embry Riddle Aeronautical University with a sports scholarship in his pocket.

The Frankfurt sports school high school graduate with the final grade 1 has completed a voluntary social year as an educator helper at the school and is now plunging into a new, even international challenge. Computer-aided mathematics is behind it.

The scholarship holder, he says, was actually a big accident. “An exhibitor with such a study abroad advertised at a youth tournament of the regional associations in Duisburg in 2017. I thought it was cool and interesting, I took a flyer with me, but I only remembered it three years later, surfed the Internet and applied to the appropriate one The agency did a check and then it went very quickly. An athlete supervisor from Berlin sent me an OK email. Two and a half weeks ago I got the visa – amazing! ” Last Saturday two tennis players from Munich and Berlin took the flight from Germany across the pond. “Girls and boys from 13 nations study at this university,” says the young man.

The okay from the United States was a long time coming. US President Donald Trump threatened weeks ago to send all foreign students home for Corona. “It was certainly just a political campaign maneuver,” suspects Henning. Financially, the whole thing is not too much of a burden on the family. “The scholarship holder carries 75 percent, the university 25 percent – but that is tied to performance. I have to carry flights and insurance.”

He wants to improve his English

It was not easy for him to say goodbye to the Oder. “I have only played for one club for 15 years, there is a lot of passion in it,” judges the blonde. “And Mutti Anett will certainly miss me the most. I’ll also have to get used to the boarding school life, because I didn’t know that yet.” He keeps in touch with buddies and friends. “And if there are any problems, I have contact addresses in the states.” He would be back in his hometown by the semester break (Christmas and summer) at the latest. “That will give a warm ‘hello’,” he is already certain.

Sure, the striker wants to continue playing football at or next to college. “Appropriate video profiles will be created and interested trainers will contact me. I have no worries. But first of all, as a student, I will have to gain a foothold, my English will improve …”

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