10 best men’s jeans for a 50% discount on Levi’s seasonal sales

It’s not every day that you find new denim at half the price, but today Levi’s takes up to 50 percent off some of its best-selling jeans. As the gold standard for jeans, Levi’s has been producing high-quality, stylish jeans since its foundation in 1853. While Levi’s jeans are usually surprisingly affordable for quality, this sale gives you the rare opportunity to buy great jeans for yourself less.

We know what you think: why buy jeans when you want to wear sweatpants for the foreseeable future? However there will Come to a day when you can go outside and wear real clothes again. Why aren’t some fresh couples waiting for you? Check out these 10 best denim deals from Levi’s End of Season sale.

Levis 501 Original Fit Jeans

$ 69.50
$ 34.75

Are you looking for simple jeans that you can wear with anything? You can’t go wrong with Levi’s classic 501.

Levis 510 skinny fit flex jeans

$ 89.50
$ 44.75

This pair with a little more stretch looks good and is surprisingly comfortable. (Read: They’re a great way to go back to real pants.)

Levis 510 skinny fit jeans

$ 79.50
$ 39.75

Black skinny jeans go with everything from fresh white sneakers in summer to Chelsea boots in autumn.

Levis 531 Athletic Slim Jeans

$ 69.50
$ 34.75

Show all the hard work you’ve put into the leg day with this tailored pair.

Levis 569 loose straight fit jeans

$ 59.50
$ 41.65

Skinny jeans are not your thing? Opt for a more spacious fit with Levis 569.

Levis 501 Original Fit Twill Jeans

$ 69.50
$ 48.65

If you want to give your jeans a break, Levi has reinterpreted its popular 501 in a casual twill version.

Levis 514 Straight Fit Flex Jeans

$ 69.50
$ 34.75

Think of Levis 514 as a happy medium between skinny jeans and baggy jeans.

Levis 512 slim taper fit jeans

$ 69.50
$ 48.65

This tapered couple gives your outfit a wonderful retro flair.

Levis Engineered Jeans 502 Taper Fit Jeans

$ 98.00
$ 49.00

Anyone who says that jeans can’t be cozy has not looked at Levi’s Engineered collection. The brand has reinterpreted its 502 pair to get a comfortable, ergonomic fit.

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