10 breathtaking creations in Dreams

How to define Dreams Media Molecule? It’s not really a game, but a bit, anyway. It’s not just an engine, it’s much more. Basically, it’s a toolkit which allows “players” to create their own boards or to play other people’s creations.

But there are not only games, there are also clips, animations, stories. Anything seems possible if you have a vivid imagination.

I have Dreams in my hands for several days and I am amazed by the content created by users. I took a quick tour of the game to find 10 creations that are downright breathtaking. I say “a little tour”, because there are certainly other pearls to discover.

For this article, we give you a list of creations based on popular games or works. We will make another list for original creations!



  • Through: lewisc729
  • Category: Game

Nothing in the world would make me want to live again P.T., or the “playable teaser” of Silent Hills. And yet, this creation Dreams is so faithful that I felt immersed in the terror of the corridor of P.T. The walls, the steps, the shade … everything is there.

Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope


  • Through: DrJones20
  • Category: video

This clip of Star Wars: A New Hope may be short, but it’s impressive. We especially like R2D2!

Cuphead – Dreams Edition!


  • Through: MagneticPoleCat
  • Category: Game

This 3D version of the game Cuphead seems even more difficult than the original. The character design is successful, but the controls are a bit harsh. It’s still great work.

Not my best screenshot, I know.

Stardew Valley 3D


  • Through: cTooshi
  • Category: Game

Tooshi has built a 3D version of Pelican Town, the adorable village of Stardew Valley. He thought of everything! The music, the sets, the characters and so on.

The creator also shared videos on YouTube where he can be seen working on his magnificent project. 10/10.

Starry night


  • Through: TheOneironaut
  • Category: Game

Art lovers will recognize Van Gogh’s work here! In this interpretation of Starry Night, we drink a little absinthe and the night sky turns into a work of art. It’s not bad all, but it’s really well done!

I would have put a version of the song Vincent from Don McLean personally, but hey, I’m a nerd.

Kokiri Forest


  • Through: bat-19
  • Category: Game

I’m not going to lie to you, I jumped a bit when I saw the look of Link in this interpretation of Kokiri Forest (Zelda). It’s not the most link cute of the planet, but in short, this table is extraordinary. And there is music!

Fallout 4: Dreams Edition


  • Through: Robo_Killer_v2
  • Category: Game

Six quests await players in this interpretation of Fallout 4, which is one of the most popular creations of Dreams. It’s so well done, it’s almost discouraging. I hope Robo_Killer_v2 will not see my creations …

Littlebigplanet: sackboy’s adventure


  • Through: LittleBigField
  • Category: Game

To pay tribute to Media Molecule, someone designed a game of LittleBigPlanet which is frankly successful! It looks almost the same title.

I had some problems with the controls, but otherwise, on the look side, it is a good job. LittleBigField intends to add levels, so we will certainly follow its project!

Old Western Mountain Town


  • Through: Kevinkiller1
  • Category: Game

Even if he doesn’t have the name of the game in his title, Old Western Mountain Town is clearly inspired by Red Dead Redemption. The game is limited, but its creator has put a lot of work into the design.

Lara’s Mini-Adventure


  • Through: Cyberpunk-JC
  • Category: Game

This creation inspired by tomb Raider Cyberpunk-JC is one of the most playable on the list. The controls are pretty good and the jumps are a little more precise than other games. We look forward to other levels!

Hard not to worry about copyright with creations Dreams. After all, the worlds suggested by Media Molecule are original creations; we can sense that there is perhaps an uneasiness on their part to suggest works inspired by established franchises. We hope that popular brands will see these creations as tributes.

Dreams is available for $ 49.99 on the PlayStation Store. A copy has been provided to Weighs on Start by Sony Interactive Entertainment Canada.

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