10 conventionalists have already moved away from the group

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Photo: Agenciauno

Two days after the Servel rejected the registration of the presidential candidate of the People’s List, Diego Ancalao, due to the presentation of signatures that were “validated” by a deceased notary, Ingrid Villena it became the tenth conventional constituent to resign or express its distancing from the group.

Through a public statement, the representative of the 13th district indicated that she has focused all her time on the Constitutional Convention and the elaboration of the regulations of the instance, and affirmed that due to this and “Since the People’s List decided to opt for a parliamentary and presidential path, I have withdrawn from their activities, not participating in any of their decisions.”

“Because of that, today I formally inform you of my departure, my sole purpose being the constitutional process that is in transit”Villena added.

The conventional authority clarified that it will continue to “work together with all the people and organizations in my district, as well as with my colleagues elected and elected from the People’s List, with whom we share the ideals of a fairer country.”

The other nine exits

The largest exodus occurred the week in which, in the first instance, the presidential candidacy of Cristián Cuevas was announced to give way to a conflict that ended with the ignorance on the part of a LDP faction of this incursion, launching another 3 candidates from among those who were finally selected Diego Ancalao.

The day after that episode, on August 13, they decided to move away from the ranks of the People’s List. Camila zarate (district 7) and Helmuth Martínez (district 23); Natalia Henriquez (District 9) was excluded from the coordination, after the decision of the community to initiate an electoral path for parliamentary and presidential positions. Giovanna Grandón (District 12) – known as “Aunt Pikachu” – reported that she will dedicate herself – for the moment – only to her work in the constituent body.

On August 14, it was the turn of Maria rivera (district 8) and Francisco Caamano (District 14), who stated that he had not participated “since they showed their interest in continuing to participate for electoral purposes in the parliamentary and presidential elections.” On August 17, the decision to move away was made by Loreto vallejos (district 15).

These casualties were added to the previous Elisa Giustinianovich, District 28, and Loreto Vidal, from District 20.

The People’s List the constituent process began with 26 members.

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