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Sales on Amazon, Cdiscount, Fnac and Darty continue for this first weekend. After a fanfare launch this week, it’s time for Sunday deals. It has already had several stockouts in a few days, but you still have the opportunity to do great business. Below, our small selection of the best deals of the day.

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Since the beginning of this edition of the sales, Amazon and others have brought people together. This can be explained by the fact that the government decided to postpone the operation to the end of the month rather than maintaining it in early January. The French had to wait longer, they can now hope to find nuggets online. For their part, merchants are counting on this operation to start the year well after two rather complex first weeks of January.

In this logic, sales on Amazon, Cdiscount and elsewhere are an opportunity to attract a large number of customers. Thus, all display premium deals on products of choice to attract as many people as possible. There are choice offers, all product categories are concerned. Now is the time to save money on references you’ve been coveting for a while.

Sales for doing business

Sales on Amazon and elsewhere appear to be an operation of choice in France. It takes place in winter and summer, but it is the event that takes place at the beginning of the year that attracts the most people during each edition. Whoever stands a few months later has to deal with special ops heavyweights like Black Friday or Prime Day. It is also the only deal period before several months.

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During sales on Amazon, Cdiscount and the like, you can find tons of deals on multiple products. During this operation, we find the category of tech. It’s a pleasure to see deals on big brands like Bose, Apple or Sony and others. On the other hand, stocks are limited and shortages can happen very quickly on offers that do not last more than a few hours.

As we said, the sales on Amazon are an opportunity for the merchant to focus – among other things – on the high-tech sector. It sends heavy, but it is not the only one to put this theme forward. There are also other merchants like Cdiscount, Fnac and Darty as well as brands like Dyson, Huawei, Samsung and others.

Even a few years ago, Amazon and sales didn’t really rhyme. The dealer painfully advanced a few deals over the period, where he is now fully involved in the event. Its involvement is more concrete, so much so that we find tons of good deals every day during the operation on the online platform.

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What are the best deals today?

As in recent years, sales on Amazon, Cdiscount and others are starting very strong. For this edition, we were able to see tons of good tips posted online during the first hours of the operation. The success of the event is there, to the point that several items are already out of stock. This is the whole problem of flash offers, they are very aggressive, but constrained by available stock and time.

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During sales, Amazon and other merchants reveal the best offers from the launch of the operation. This is still the case this year, which marks a real difference from other periods known for their aggressive deals. During Black Friday, deals are fairly regular rather than being revealed massively during the first few days.

To go into the details of the sales on Amazon, we can cite some great offers that we have seen on the merchant site. The platform has set the bar high this year, current deals may concern the Bose Headphones 700 headphones, Apple’s AirPods Pro wireless headphones or the Microsoft Surface Pro 7.

These sales deals are signed by Amazon, but all other merchants can boast of unveiling offers that match those of the platform. The big brands are at the center of the attention of Cdiscount, Fnac, Darty or even RED by SFR. To name just a few deals, we can find Dyson vacuum cleaners, MacBook Pro, Apple iPhone 12 …

During sales, Amazon and others unveil two types of offers. The most interesting are flash deals, discounts that do not last more than a few hours. And for good reason, the reductions are aggressive and concern popular references whose success is well established. It’s with these promos that you can make big savings – as long as you are quick.

Amazon always flexible

During the sales, Amazon and other merchants like Cdiscount, Fnac and Darty can boast of putting forward excellent offers. This edition starts off very well and this Sunday still highlights some great nuggets. On the price side, we are therefore served during this weekend. In this context of deals, Amazon also has the advantage of being flexible with its customers.

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Indeed, sales or not, Amazon puts forward a withdrawal period of 30 days after delivery. For almost a month, you can try an item right from home to make a final decision. If the item does not suit you, you can return it without charge or justification for a full refund.

In comparison, the sales on Cdiscount, Fnac, Darty allow a return up to 14 days after delivery. It is shorter, but it should be enough to give you an opinion. Either way, you’re sure to get a second chance, great, especially if you’re not familiar with shopping online. The time is perfect for making great savings.

To find the sales on Amazon, it’s here:

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