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10 days after her official funeral, the death certificate of Queen Elizabeth II was revealed

by archyde

Ten days after the official funeral of Queen Elizabeth II of Britain, the official website of the “National Archives of Scotland” revealed, today, a death certificate. Queen Elizabeth.

The death certificate of the late British Queen revealed that Elizabeth II died of “old age”, according to Sky News Arabia.

Queen Elizabeth’s death certificate

The certificate stated that the Queen died on Thursday, September 8 at 3:10 pm, more than three hours before the official announcement, and old age was also the only cause of the death of her husband, Prince Philip..

And the actual timing of death, means that only two people attended the death of the Queen, namely King Charles and his sister Princess Anne.

The British Daily Mail said: “This also means that most of the Queen’s children and grandchildren were not able to attend before her death at Balmoral Castle.”

Princess Anne, the late Queen’s only daughter who accompanied her mother’s coffin from Balmoral to London, said: “I was fortunate to have shared the last 24 hours of her life with my dear mother.”

On the other hand, Windsor Castle reopened for the first time after 21 days of closure since his death Queen Elizabeth IIto allow the public to visit the Queen’s final resting place, where visitors will be able to visit the Queen’s last resting place and the stone slab inscribed with her name in the George VI Memorial Chapel.

Visitors can view the church as part of a visit to Windsor Castle, costing £26.50 for adults during the week and £28.50 on Saturdays, while children’s tickets cost £14.50 per week and £15.50 on Saturday.

Ticket money goes to the Royal Collection Trust, a charity that looks after the property’s art collection and has run a shortfall of £30m as a result of the pandemic.

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