10 free plans to do with children in Madrid

Yes, you are up to your neck in water with the kids in Madrid. Not only because you can no longer think of what plans to make, but because anything, with the troops, can leave you almost without making ends meet. You already spend enough on clothes, school, feeding the creatures and various whims like that 5 star hotel but kid friendly that you have booked thinking about your next family getaway, because you need it. How to also start organizing paid visits in a city that, lately, is anything but cheap…

However, while it’s time to get the hell out of that best beach hotel and family resort in EuropeThe little ones have to be entertained. You have no other. Or if. Because you can do it in a fun way, a lot, without giving up what is free. The capital still has great free plans to give away to children and families and here today we are going to discover a few or refresh your memory.

For example, do you control the free schedules, that there are, of the best museums in Madrid? Do you know how many activities there are in its most famous parks? Does it sound to you that we have a changing of the guard at the Royal Palace as beautiful or more than the one in London and that it takes place on a specific day and time? sure not. And if you knew, we are going to remind you and give you an extra tip: you can eat very well for a price in some of the best italian restaurants in Madridto finish off the day and round off the experience because good pasta and good pizza are always popular.

From Madrid Río or Matadero to the south to Quinta de los Molinos to the north. From the very center of Madrid to one of the most beautiful towns in the Community, just a short drive away. Granted, fuel isn’t free, but the plan is. And if you doubt a lot, remember that we already talked to you about the definitive tool that searches for you where to go or book plans with children in cities like Madrid. Having us, it’s wrong for us to say it, you don’t need it.

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