10 hidden spot removers Take care of your sister gently, clean, confident all day.

What is a good brand of cleanser for women’s hidden spots that girls should have by their side? We have already selected Hidden spot remover. Reviews focus on both features and price. Who is not sure about the smell of the sister? Must come and see

Not only to keep your face and body clean, buthidden spotIt is an important area that women should not be overlooked because it is a particularly delicate and complex area. Especially for those who have problems with bad smell, white discharge, itching, irritation, these main problems come from poor cleaning. If not dealt with in a hurry, it can lead to a loss of personality and confidence. The soap or shower cream generally has a pH that is not very gentle to the sister, sohidden spot removerTherefore, it is a helper to increase cleanliness and restore confidence for us. But do girls have products in mind yet? If not, today the dot com jar has collected.hidden spot cleanerLet’s tell each other.

feminine cleanser Can you really take care of your sister? How do you choose?

Even a woman’s vagina contains microorganisms and weak acids that have properties to help maintain internal balance. to prevent infection which can be washed with water is enough But if anyone still lacks confidence during menstruation go to the gym or doing activities throughout the day The hidden spots may be damp, sweat profusely, and have an odor. can choose to use a liquid to clean the hidden spots Just shouldn’t be used too often. Because it will cause the vagina to be out of balance. risk of irritation or dry as well You should choose products that are gentle and suitable as follows:

  • reliable Make sure that the brand of concealment cleaner that you buy is of good quality, has been standardized and has been certified.
  • Choose an appropriate pH value. Many brands of concealer removers have a pH in the range of 3.5-7. Younger women should opt for a hidden spot remover with a pH of 3.5-4.5, while a solution with a high pH. That would be suitable for the elderly group. or people who have more problems with vaginal dryness
  • Contains ingredients that help take care and nourish your sister. Especially Lactic Acid, which is an important ingredient in helping to maintain balance within the vagina. Fortified with vitamins such as A, C, E as well as natural extracts.

What is the best brand of feminine cleanser?

1. Saugella IrdaSerum

Gentle formula cleanser Clinically tested and approved by an Italian obstetrician. So you can be assured of safety. Suitable for women of all ages Especially this blue bottle formula. Anyone who is worried about dry, sensitive, sensitive skin or dry hidden spots. Must definitely like it because it has a pH of 4.5 that fits the younger with Cocoyl wheat amino acid to help gently clean. It also contains sage leaf, marigold and oat milk. Helps reduce the accumulation of germs retain moisture Plus, dark circles look faded as well. There are also many other recipes. Can be used according to the needs of each person. Size 100 ml. Price is about 200 baht.

hidden spot

Photo credit: saugellathailand.com

2. Araya Extra Sensitive Feminine Cleanser

The hidden pH 4.5 is a water formula that both washes and nourishes in one. By including natural extracts and concentrated mineral water to help with cleaning. With Nano Vitamin technology to help stop fungi, bacteria. Reduce the problem of odor and vaginal discharge including exfoliating dead skin cells Rejuvenate your sister to balance, brighten and look healthy Volume 200 ml. Price 490 baht

hidden spot

Photo from : Facebook ARAYA about women we understand

3. Mistine Ladycare Natural Balance Hygienic Cleanser

Mistine’s hidden spot cleanser. This bottle is enriched with organic ingredients from white flowers. Helps the skin in the area to be moist, soft, not dry Maintain a balance that is suitable for hidden spots. reduce the accumulation of bacteria Causes of unpleasant odors and irritations So confident even during that day of the month. Size 200 ml. Price 115 baht.

hidden spot

Photo credit: mistine.co.th

4. BeNice Feminine Wash Whip Foam Extra Fresh and Mild

Hidden spot cleanser, whipped foam texture, soft foam, giving a gentle feeling while using. It also cleans deeply. without making the skin dry and tight Reduce irritation from friction with natural chamomile extract Helps maintain skin’s moisture balance, leaves no residue, washes off easily, has passed the obstetrician’s test. That it’s gentle on hidden spots. Size 120 ml. Price 199 baht.

hidden spot

Photo from : BeNice Thailand Facebook page

5. Lactacyd Feminine Hygiene Pearly Intimate

Gentle feminine hidden spot remover. Because of the value of natural extracts Pure milk and lactic acid, passed the skin irritation test, so most girls can trust. which now has a variety of recipes to choose from But what I would recommend for anyone who has problems with dull jimi must have a blue bottle Pearly Intimate because it comes with Actipone-B and AlgoWhite ingredients from natural plants. Helps to increase the brightness of the younger sister, moisturize, not dry and restore confidence. Size 150 ml. Price 119 baht.

hidden spot

Photo from : Facebook Lactacyd Thailand

6. Shokubutsu Daily Care and Whitening

Whitening formula hidden spot cleanser that picks up extracts from Japanese herbs like Shiso to help restore and protect the skin from allergies and irritation. It also has aloe vera. that help fight free radicals Add moisture to the skin, have a suitable pH balance, preventing humidity all day. If you want to take care of your sister to be smooth and clear natural fragrance You must not miss this bottle. Volume 150 ml. Price 95 baht.

hidden spot

Photo credit: Shokubutsu Facebook page.

7. Oriental Princess pH Balanced Feminine Hygiene Soft Touch

This bottle of Jimi Cleanser is a Soft Touch formula that can tackle the problem of annoying sister with 3 types of milk proteins, protecting hidden spots from bacteria. Causes of itching and unpleasant smell After using it, it gives a soft and smooth touch. with a gentle scent It also maintains a balance within the hidden spot with a pH value of 4. Importantly, it is also free from harmful chemicals. Size 250 ml. 165 baht.

hidden spot

Picture from: orientalprincess.com

8. SEIEI Delicate Zone Cleansing for Women

Any girls who are worried about dark circles and are easily irritated. I recommend this bottle of feminine hidden spot remover. that focuses on brightening ingredients like brown seaweed It has the ability to inhibit the function of melanin pigment. Along with 6 colors of fruit ingredients that help to maintain balance and add vitamins to the skin in that area to be stronger. It also contains extracts from Centella asiatica. Helps reduce skin irritation in the body The smell is very fresh. Size 175 ml. Price 359 baht.

hidden spot

Picture from: seieicleansing.com

9. Madame Fin Yindee Cleansing Mousse

The brand has a hidden spot remover called “Yindee Mousse” which is a lightly whipped cream texture enriched with natural ingredients. Both sorrel root, white Kwao Krua, Repair Grass, soybeans, and vitamin B3 help gently cleanse hidden spots. Ready to nourish the skin to look more radiant. Eliminate various odors and lift up sisters as well. Complete formula for every need. Size 50 ml. Price is about 445 baht.

hidden spot

Photo credit: Madame Fin perfume Facebook page.

10. Dr.HASKIN Y FINE Feminine Cleanser

that clears hidden organic spots from South Korea This one is gentle Because it is free from perfumes, preservatives, alcohol, foaming agents, silicones and colours. also inhibit the accumulation of bacteria and reduce humidity The bottle also has a mild fragrance reminiscent of lavender. After using it, the smell of salted fish doesn’t bother me anymore. Size 200 ml. Price is about 599 baht. Big bottle. Worth it. It can be used for a long time.

hidden spot

Photo from : Facebook Dr.HASKIN Thailand

Know about 10 brands of cleaning liquid for women’s hidden spots together. Girls are interested in which one do you want to take care of your sister to come back to be healthy, clean, without bad smell. And what’s bothering each other? If you still can’t choose, you can try to buy a small size to try first.

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