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Black Friday on Amazon, Cdiscount and Fnac officially begins in a few days. However, there are already attractive promotional offers on products popular with the general public. Below, we’ve put together a selection of great deals for this Wednesday. The majority of them concern high-tech deals.

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If you know a little about Black Friday on Amazon or elsewhere, you know that this operation is massive in the world. In a few years, the event has grown significantly in France, it is more attractive than the sales or the French Days. The month of November was fairly calm for e-commerce, which further legitimizes the role of this operation.

Black Friday on Amazon, Cdiscount, Fnac or even Darty takes place at a time of the year which is quite decisive. And for good reason, the operation takes place a few weeks before Christmas, you can turn to the offers to secure all your end-of-year purchases. No product theme is set aside, whether it is high-tech, decoration, health, culture or even fashion and DIY.

Black Friday on Amazon… before its time!

Black Friday and Amazon are related, but the merchant is not the creator of the transaction. Indeed, both come from the USA and the platform has helped import the event to other countries over the years. Whether in France or elsewhere, each edition was a great success on the web in November. If Amazon imported the operation into France, it is far from being the only player on the internet.

Like other years, the French wait for this period to save money on their purchases. Black Friday on Amazon, Cdiscount, Fnac, Darty and others offer the possibility of lowering its budget, because many rather premium products become accessible to a greater number. All the merchants have been posting crazy promotions since the start of the month.

At the start of the week, premium products have already been entitled to very competitive discounts. Among the good deals, we have seen discounts on the AirPods 2, Microsoft Surface Pro 7 as well as the Redmi Note 9 Pro, to name just these examples. The discounts sometimes went up to -40%, you don’t have to wait until the official Black Friday date to save money.

Black Friday on Amazon should take place, but its outfit is still uncertain. Uncertainties still hang over the event this year due to the health context. Better to get ahead by anticipating deals already online on Amazon, Cdiscount or Fnac. If the operation is not yet topical, cyber-merchants are already unveiling crazy offers that can reach -80%.

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Black Friday, a premium operation

Excluding Black Friday and during, Amazon presents two different types of good deals. There are flash offers, often high discounts for very popular products. On the other hand, they are intended to be limited by stocks as much as by time. On the e-commerce site, there is a counter that displays the remaining time and the copies still available.

On the other hand, the trading platform also unveils offers that remain available longer. They can also relate to products of choice, this is already the case while Black Friday on Amazon has not really started yet. We find deals of this type on connected Philips Hue bulbs, iRobot vacuum cleaners as well as many smartphones such as those from Huawei or Xiaomi.

On Black Friday, Amazon, Cdiscount and Fnac post new deals every day, which has already been the case since the beginning of November. The offers are largely up to those that can be found during the annual operation. This is perfect for starting to get a head start on your Christmas presents while taking advantage of the steep discounts.

The health situation is making many sectors more complex this year, including e-commerce. Black Friday on Amazon, Cdiscount, Fnac and Darty should take place. However, all those involved in this operation have questions about logistics and stock-outs. Several merchants have already faced the latter during confinement, a situation that could be repeated at this end of the year period.

Choose your Christmas gifts in complete relaxation

Several merchants are already showing shortages in certain thematic references such as high-tech or toys, categories of successful products. Black Friday on Amazon kicks off in less than 10 days, but you’d better start shopping now. The online merchant allows you to make returns until January 31, 2021.

The rest of the year, the leader in e-commerce allows its customers to retract for 30 days after a delivery. During Black Friday, Amazon decided to extend this deadline a bit, which is very useful to prepare for the end of the year holidays without any stress. On the other hand, Cdiscount or Darty remained on a 14-day withdrawal period.

Black Friday on Amazon and other platforms should hold, but it still remains compromised. This explains why the players present during this operation have been slashing prices since the beginning of November, and there are also deals on Cdiscount and Fnac. We did not expect such a strong presence from the two French, but they are indeed there.

In all cases, stocks are limited on all trading platforms. It is advisable not to wait until Black Friday (on Amazon and elsewhere) and to start securing your Christmas gifts immediately. In addition, you can very well buy a product immediately and return it if you see the same cheaper online during the transaction.

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