10 natural solutions to take care of our health

Home remedies are a natural and inexpensive way to treat problems like dizziness, cold, constipation, hiccups, and many other ailments.

Courtesy | In any case, if the problems persist or worsen, it is best to go to the doctor

Natural products such as olive oil, lemon, honey, licorice or apples can be very useful to take care of the body, if you know how. Home remedies are a natural and inexpensive way to treat problems such as dizziness, cold, constipation, hiccups, headache, heartburn, battered skin, etc. In any case, if the problems persist or worsen, it is best to see a doctor.

1. Olives and lemon for dizziness

Eating some olives or sucking on a lemon can help you not get dizzy when traveling, as they contain tannin, a substance that stops nausea. Likewise, sucking on ginger candies can also serve as an anti-sickness system, in addition to coughing.

2. Garlic and onion against colds

Colds can be better dealt with with various home remedies. One of them is to breathe in the effluvia that garlic or onion give off, since they contain sulfur, which has an anti-infective power. Chicken broth can also be a good ally against colds, since it can reduce the inflammation of the mucus. Less well known is echinacea, an herb capable of reducing cold symptoms.

3. Alcohol to remove foot odor

The classic smell of feet can be eliminated, if they are cleaned with a cloth soaked in alcohol, since its antiseptic effect fights the bacteria and fungi that cause it.

4. Aloe against constipation

Aloe Vera is quite a popular plant for its various properties. It can be used in creams to hydrate and care for the skin, but it is also known for its digestive action that promotes intestinal transit. Another way to end constipation is to take a teaspoon of olive oil every day in the morning to stimulate the digestive system.

5. Sugar against hiccups

Drinking a teaspoon of sugar can help end those annoying bouts of hiccups. This is because the sweet taste reaches the receptors and nerves of the tongue and mouth, helping to stop the spasms.

6. Ice for headaches

Putting an ice pack on your head or the back of your neck helps reduce headaches. Another remedy to combat annoying migraines is to put a pencil between your teeth without biting, with the idea that the muscles that connect the jaw with the temple relax and reduce tension.

7. Licorice infusion against heartburn

Taking an infusion of licorice stimulates the mucous secretion of the stomach walls and thus helps to reduce acidity and ulcers. Lemon juice also serves this purpose, although it works in another way: citric acid produces carbon dioxide (CO2) in the stomach, which in the presence of body water turns into bicarbonate, a substance well known for heartburn .

8. Apples and carrots to clean teeth

Eating fruits, and specifically apples, is very healthy, as a classic Anglo-Saxon saying recalls: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Among other properties, apples contribute to dental cleaning, thanks to the fact that they contain malic acid that helps to whiten the enamel. Similarly, chewing raw carrots reduces dental plaque. And it is not the only property that can be taken advantage of from this vegetable, since it can also serve to protect the eyes, thanks to the fact that it contains beta-carotene, precursors of vitamin A.

9. Vegetable masks for the skin

The classic cucumber slices on the face are one of the most popular images of natural masks. And is that vegetables refresh and hydrate the skin and fight aging. But they are not the only household items that you can use to care for your skin. A moisturizer mixed with coffee grounds and applied for about 10 minutes reduces cellulite. Acne can be fought by smearing the pimples with honey for about 15 minutes, then cleaning it with warm water. To hydrate dry skin, you can massage it for five minutes with a little olive oil, which can also be used to remove make-up.

10. Honey against cough

Taking a tablespoon of honey, especially before bedtime, helps reduce coughing. Also, gargling with water with a pinch of salt for several times a day soothes sore throats.

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