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Sheldon Cooper is the star of “The Big Bang Theory”. The character played by Jim Parsons is the most loved and hated in the series. However, despite his often annoying behavior, he is the one who keeps the whole group together.

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Due to their eccentricities and great intelligence, Sheldon sometimes you don’t know how to act. He takes things too literally, doesn’t always understand humor, and is often the butt of joke. Although he drives his friends crazy, they can’t help but love him. However, not all aspects of his life are great, the web portal “Screenrant” makes a list of 10 sad things about Sheldon Cooper.

Jim Parsons played Sheldon Cooper for 12 seasons of “The Big Bang Theory” (Photo: CBS)


1. The death of his father: The loss of his Pop-Pop was not the only death Sheldon experienced at a tender age. Sheldon’s father died when he was only 14 years old. At the time, Sheldon and his father weren’t particularly close. Actually, he was not in a good relationship and his father was an alcoholic and absent. This moment in his life was one of the saddest.

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2. The death of his Pop-Pop: Pop-Pop is Sheldon’s grandfather, the only person who encouraged him to pursue science. And when Sheldon was five, he asked Santa to bring him back. When Santa couldn’t comply with Sheldon’s request, he started his grudge against Santa Claus. Seeing how upset Sheldon was over the loss of his grandfather was heartbreaking.

3. You were bullied as a child: Over the seasons, Sheldon admitted that he was beaten, dunked in the toilet bowl, and stolen from during his childhood. Those emotions are said to boil when his colleague Barry Kripke arrives. The two do not get along and compete with each other.

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4. The real reason you hit three times: Every time Sheldon knocks on someone’s door, he knocks three times before saying their name. Even if someone tells you to enter the other side, you don’t do so until you have completed three rounds. People judge Sheldon for doing this, but he comes from an uncomfortable past. When Sheldon was a child, he found his father sleeping with another woman. So to make sure that never happens again, Sheldon always knocks on the door more than once.

5. Sheldon can’t relax outside of his routine: His routine is important to him. He goes to the bathroom at the same time every day, buys take out from the same restaurants every week, and so on with other aspects of his life. The annoying thing about Sheldon is that if he feels uncomfortable, the group feels uncomfortable. Without his routine, Sheldon is sadly a mess.

The character played by Jim Parsons is the most loved and hated of the series (Photo: CBS)

The character played by Jim Parsons is the most loved and hated of the series (Photo: CBS)

6. Your Inability to Understand Sarcasm: Sheldon doesn’t understand sarcasm. He takes things literally and fails when people make fun of him. To help his situation, Sheldon started asking people if they were being sarcastic or not, which helped him understand him better. He also started playing with sarcasm and even created a word for when he was joking: Bazinga!

7. Your clumsiness makes it difficult to connect with people: Sheldon is bad at relating to people. He does not enjoy small talk, does not understand humor, and can be unpleasant without meaning to. In one scene, Sheldon told Penny that he was upset when YouTube changed its rating system with viewers and it affected him. Annoyed, Penny tries to leave because she didn’t think Sheldon was taking it seriously. Sheldon later told her that he hurt her feelings because people don’t take her fears seriously.

8. Unresolved arguments with loved ones: Sheldon is not good at conflict. They tend to run away, isolate themselves, wallow, and get ahead by delving into their work. Viewers have seen this when Sheldon talked about his old friendship with Tam, his ongoing battle with his brother, and when he and Amy broke up.

9. Your secret storage closet: Sheldon seems like a very neat and orderly young man. But all that changed in “The Welding Excursion Detour”, when Sheldon showed Amy a side of him she had never seen before. As it turned out, Sheldon had a storage unit filled with everything Sheldon ever owned. There were toothbrushes, electronics, clothes, etc. Sheldon felt embarrassed that he couldn’t get rid of his things, which surprised Amy.

10. One of your biggest findings was a mistake: In one episode, Sheldon is “in the zone” with his equations because he believed he had found a method for the synthetic element. He showed his formula to everyone and was congratulated, which was a great day in his career. But after going over it one more time with Amy, she realized that she was doing it in meters squared instead of centimeters. The whole mistake devastated Sheldon. It made him feel foolish for displaying it while misinterpreting a simple way of measuring.

Although Sheldon drives his friends crazy, they can't help but love him (Photo: CBS)

Although Sheldon drives his friends crazy, they can’t help but love him (Photo: CBS)
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