100 GB from € 14.99 / month with B & YOU mobile plans

The 5G network is being launched in France today. While waiting for mobile offers without commitment with this network, some mobile plans already allow almost as intense use of its predecessor, 4G. This is the case with B & YOU, the dynamic brand of Bouygues Telecom; this highlights bold promotions, which have just been renewed. Maybe the B & YOU offers will get a facelift tomorrow, but 5G is already pushing up prices. To be sure that you pay a low price for your navigation, it is better to take out a B & YOU discount package now.

No commitment at B & YOU: 100 GB for only € 14.99 / month

This is an offer that leads the way, and that Bouygues Telecom is widely promoting. This mobile plan combines many advantages: in addition to being without obligation, it allows you to pay for your telephone subscription rather low and to benefit from very fruitful possibilities in 4G navigation. Its monthly price therefore remains below the symbolic limit of € 15; it thus amounts to € 14.99, without anticipating an increase after one year or less, as is often the case in mobile telephony. For all texting addicts, communications are unlimited – calls, SMS and MMS are to be sent and received, with fixed or mobile recipients, with no additional bill.

B and YOU 100 Go

Mobile plan without commitmentMobile plan without commitment

from14.99 €

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Calls and SMS are also unlimited outside mainland France, within a certain limit; it extends all the same to Europe and the French overseas departments. MMS in these locations are deducted from the mobile data envelope. An envelope that amounts to 100 GB in all on the B & YOU 4G network in France. A maximum of 10 GB can be dedicated to the EU and Overseas.

Finally, the B & YOU customer can find many free or paid options here to strengthen this offer. Still without commitment, a free Spotify Premium subscription for 3 months completes this mobile plan. For 6 € per month, one access to Bouygues TV service is also possible; the customer can find 70 channels on a dedicated app where the data consumption has no impact on the 100 GB cap.

The B & YOU offer on display is mainly:

  • € 14.99 per month, without commitment or price increase;
  • 100 GB per month in 4G;
  • unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in mainland France;
  • 10 GB monthly and unlimited calls / SMS when roaming EU and DOM;
  • triple SIM card cut at 10 €;
  • a promo until November 23.

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An unlimited package for less than € 5 at B & YOU, always without obligation

The latest offer available at B & YOU could be perfectly suitable for a children’s package, parental control at stake ; or in all cases, for a person wishing to clearly limit their mobile consumption, especially in 4G navigation. Thus, there are only 200 MB per month with this mobile plan on sale until today, both in mainland France and in the areas of roaming of B & YOU, ie still the overseas departments and the European Union. A no-obligation recharge is possible, with 500 MB more for € 4 more per month. This is the only possibility to boost your navigation without an extra package.

B and You 200 MoB and You 200 Mo

Cheap mobile planCheap mobile plan

from4.99 €

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These € 4 are added to an already competitive price: € 4.99 per month. Apart from small operators like Prixtel, he is hard to find a cheaper unlimited plan. The same functions as the previous ones indeed accompany this mobile subscription: unlimited calls and messages (SMS / MMS) in mainland France, unlimited calls and SMS in Europe and DOM. A non-binding option can allow you to call more widely from France with this package; for € 6 per month, there will be 1 hour of calls to landlines and mobiles in the Overseas Territories, Europe and North America.

What is the point of taking out the cheapest B & YOU package before Wednesday 23 November?

  • € 4.99 per month;
  • non-binding offer, fixed price even after one year;
  • unlimited communications in mainland France;
  • unlimited calls and SMS in Europe and DOM;
  • 200 MB in France and in international roaming;
  • non-binding options for more communications and data;
  • € 10 for a SIM card + adapter.

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