100 million doses of Russian vaccine to be sold to Indian company

This Wednesday, September 16, the Russian authorities announced that they had reached an agreement with the Indian pharmaceutical company Dr. Reddy’s for the sale of 100 million doses of the vaccine developed by Moscow.

Is Sputnik V taking off? In any case, this is what the Russian authorities are hoping for, announced, this Wednesday, September 16, have reached an agreement with an Indian company for the sale of 100 million doses of the vaccine which bears the name of the first Russian space program.

“Deliveries could start at the end of 2020, provided the trials are conclusive and the vaccine registration by regulatory authorities in India has taken place”, Explain The Moscow Times. The English-speaking Russian newspaper takes up the announcements made to this effect by the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), which funds the Sputnik V.

As the media reminds us, “At the beginning of September, Russia launched a phase of testing its vaccine with 40,000 volunteers in Moscow. The first results of this phase 3 are expected in October or November. ” Without waiting for the conclusion of this step, the Indian pharmaceutical company Dr. Reddy’s therefore decided to “reserve” a large batch of doses.

“At least 32 countries have expressed interest in the vaccine”

“We will do tests in India”, announced one of the managers of the company, according to whom “Sputnik V could be a credible option in our fight against Covid-19 in India”. A difficult battle and far from won, explains the Moscow Times :

Confirmed cases of Covid-19 in India surpassed 5 million on Wednesday, September 16, while an expert from theWHO estimated the country is ‘not even halfway’ to its epidemic. ”

Anyway, India is not the only country to have turned to Sputnik V. Indeed, according to the Russian media, to date, “At least 32 countries have expressed interest in testing and obtaining the vaccine. Among them are Brazil, Mexico and Kazakhstan, all of which have signed supply agreements with Russia. ”


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