100% Minwoo’s youthful ’rounding’ days “It caught my eye…”

100% Minwoo./Photo=KBS2TV

Minwoo of 100% of the group has died. age 33 years old.

Minwoo was found in cardiac arrest at his home on the 26th, and 119 ambulances were dispatched, but he was declared dead. Many netizens are expressing their condolences.

Minwoo, who entered the entertainment industry in 2006 with the KBS 2TV drama ‘Rounding 3’, challenged the music industry as a member of a male group 100% in 2012.

If you look at the days of ‘Rounding 3’ at the time of their debut, their youthful appearance attracts attention. Seo Jun-young, Daya, and Ace appeared in ‘Rounding 3’. Min-woo received a lot of love for his role as ‘Gong-yun’.

Netizens expressed their condolences for the deceased by reacting, “When rounding, he looked good, so he stood out…”, “I hope you rest in peace in the sky”, and “I feel sorry for the talented person.”


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