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‘100 times the performance of Hubble’ James Webb goes to space exploration

Most of the images of outer space, galaxies, nebulae, and stars we know about were taken by the Hubble Telescope.

Reporter Seo Dong-gyun will tell you what missions the next-generation space telescope will perform.


The Hubble Telescope was launched in 1990 and has been active for over 30 years.

And this picture you see now is a picture taken for ten days in the dark space of the universe with this Hubble telescope.

This one picture changed our view of the universe.

And on Christmas Day, James Webb, with 100 times the performance of the Hubble Telescope, flew into space.

While Hubble mainly observed visible light, James Webb observed infrared light.

This allows us to see up to 13.5 billion light-years away, which is only 300 million years away from what the early universe looked like 13.8 billion years ago.

How is this possible?

Early in the formation of planets or galaxies, they are most likely obscured by clouds of dust.

Visible light cannot pass through these dust and gaseous substances, but long-wavelength infrared light can.

Behind James Webb’s gold mirror, this detector could catch the early infrared rays of the Big Bang as it pierces clouds of dust in deep space.

Then, why did Jessweb go to space while reducing the size of the reflector, which is directly related to the performance of the telescope?

This is also due to the infrared rays described above.

Earth’s atmosphere absorbs and emits infrared radiation.

Therefore, accurate infrared observations cannot be made when observing from Earth.

James Webb was too big to fit on a rocket, so he glued 18 hexagons together to make it foldable.

The telescope’s main mirror is plated with real gold with high infrared reflectivity.

The launch was successful, but James Webb will travel for a month to find a normal orbit.

In this process, the folded telescope and the sun shield must also be successfully unfolded.

Just as Hubble, which went up 30 years ago, discovered a black hole that has only been in our heads, I hope that Jesse Webb will also reveal the origins and secrets of the universe.

(Video editing: Kim Ho-jin, CG: Shim Soo-hyun, video source: NASA)


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