“100 years of musicals: the stars sing for Sidaction”: nearly 1.5 million euros in pledges

The Sidaction association collected 1,439,970 euros in pledges for the fight against AIDS during a special evening organized Thursday after the cancellation of its weekend from Covid-19. annual collection.

« Weakened by the health crisis, Sidaction called to support the fight against HIV / AIDS on June 25. This day raised 1,439,970 euros in pledges thanks to the generosity of the general public and the mobilization of our media partners “, Announced the association on Friday in a press release. The unique evening entitled “100 years of musicals: the stars sing for Sidaction” was broadcast by France 2.

Traditionally held over three days, Sidaction was canceled this year due to the Covid-19 epidemic, when it should have taken place in early April. In 2019, Sidaction raised 4.5 million euros in pledges. ” The amount collected makes it possible to partially minimize the impact of the cancellation of our mobilization weekend last April “Said Sidaction executive director Florence Thune. ” Nevertheless, the coming months promise to be worrying for our structure and the associations we finance. We are worried. Above all, we must not lower our guard against HIV / AIDS so as not to weaken the victories obtained in recent years She continues.


Fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier has been appointed ambassador of Sidaction, a first in the history of the association fighting against AIDS, Line Renaud, vice-president and co-founder, told AFP. ” Jean-Paul Gaultier joins the large Sidaction family to help us fight this scourge and help research and the sick. It’s the fight of my life. Jean-Paul will play Sidaction by my side to raise public awareness again and again “, Said the singer and actress. ” It is a real chance to have him by our side, especially after this very special start to the year. We know the generosity and the big heart of Jean-Paul Gaultier. Since the disappearance of Pierre Bergé (co-founder and first president of the association, Editor’s note), I needed a fighter to take over Added Line Renaud.

« I accepted immediately. The fight against AIDS is above all a personal story: this fight is particularly close to my heart. I was confronted with this scourge which carried my friend (Francis Menuge, deceased in 1990, Editor’s note) “, Had said his side to AFP the designer. ” I remember the rejection faced by the sick at first. It has always revolted me when everyone can be affected one day. I want to speak to young people and try to raise their awareness because too often they think that AIDS does not concern them Added Jean-Paul Gaultier.


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