10,000 new homes for social rental

The Government will mobilize 10,000 new homes from the Bank Restructuring Assets Management Company (Sareb) to use for social rental. This was announced this Wednesday by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, during the signing of the Protocol on Social Rental of Homes, through which the number of houses with reduced rent for families and vulnerable people is increased to 26,000.

Sánchez said that 5,000 properties will be made available to the State in the short term so that they can be allocated in a short time to situations of vulnerability and the other 5,000 will be available in the medium term. “Housing must stop being a luxury or a source of stress and concern. We are going to encourage large homeowners or financial entities to make part of their portfolio available to people in vulnerable situations, “explained the Chief Executive during the ceremony held at the Palacio de la Moncloa.

Currently, autonomous communities and city councils have 5,000 Sareb homes at their disposal, bringing the total number to 15,000. By virtue of this agreement, the ‘bad bank’ cedes the homes to the autonomous communities and local entities and the Government partially assumes the costs of the transfer and of the rehabilitation and conditioning works necessary to guarantee the habitability of the homes. These properties will be leased at a reduced price to people with limited income and in a proven situation of vulnerability by autonomous communities and local entities.

In addition, within the framework of the policies to guarantee the right to decent housing, the Social Housing Fund for vulnerable families is extended until January 2022, created by the Government of Mariano Rajoy and endowed so far with 10,000 flats. The extension has been agreed by the Executive with the Spanish Banking Association, the Spanish Confederation of Savings Banks and the National Union of Credit Unions, the Mortgage Association of Spain, the Bank of Spain and the Third Sector Platform.

After this new extension, the participating financial institutions have agreed to increase by 10% the number of homes that contribute to the Social Housing Fund and that are owned by credit institutions, which will reach 11,000 properties. These homes are intended for individuals and families who have lost their usual home due to non-payment, a mortgage loan or as a result of a dation in payment so that they can thus access a lease at reduced prices.

1,000 million for the housing plan

During the event, Sánchez also announced that 1,000 million euros of European funds will be allocated to the Housing Plan for Affordable Rentals, which aims to address the imbalances in the rental market in some stressed areas, where shortages housing and rising prices make access difficult for many people. Likewise, the aim is to make the public park in hot spots around 24,000 homes.


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