107 faithful infected after attending a mass in Germany

At least 107 people have been infected in a massive outbreak of coronavirus It began in a Baptist church in the German city of Frankfurt, announced yesterday by the Minister of Health of the Land of Hesse, Kai Klose. “This situation shows how important it is that all of us, precisely during the relief of restrictions, remain alert and that nonsense does not prevail. The virus is still there and wants to spread, “Klose said.

The day before, the management of the Frankfurt health office had confirmed the existence of 40 infected, the majority with a slight development of the disease. According to him tracking carried out by health authorities, the outbreak began during a religious service on May 10 in the church of the Evangelical Community of Baptist Christians in Frankfurt, in which 16 people were infected and these in turn spread the virus among relatives and acquaintances.

“We have suspended all assemblies. Religious services are only celebrated online now, “said the vice president of the religious community, Wladimir Pritzkau, who assured that the temple had disinfecting material and that those attending the mass that led to the outbreak had respected the physical distance rules. The affected church belongs mainly to German-Russians from traditionalist evangelical communities who, after their religious service, usually celebrate meals together in the same temple, which could have facilitated mass contagion.


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