10th anniversary of the Arab Spring: where does the author of the video “Ben Ali fled” come from?

  • Naghmi Qasim
  • BBC News Arabe

Image caption,

Al-Aweini: “As soon as I heard the news of Ben Ali’s departure, I went to the demonstration square to celebrate the ‘victory’

“It is the joy of victory. At this moment, I saw my dream come true after years of questioning. Glory to the martyrs, we are not afraid, be free, Tunisians, breathe freedom. “

This video was shot on January 14, 2011, a few minutes after the announcement of the departure of then Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.

Not to be missed on BBC Africa:

Al-Aweini recounts his reaction as soon as he heard the news: “I could not control myself. I quickly and spontaneously went to rue Habib Bourguiba, to celebrate the departure of Ben Ali, at the same place where people were protesting against him. There is a 40 minute period in the hopes of seeing other protesters join us, but no one has come. “

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