11 people killed in Russian missile strike in Ukraine l Russia’s missile attack again in Ukraine; 11 people were killed

Kyiv: Russia again launched a missile attack on Kiev, Ukraine. 11 people were killed in the attack. 11 people were injured. Several houses in the area have also been damaged. Notably, the attack comes a day after the US and Germany offered to supply battle tanks to Ukraine.

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In the missile attack, 35 buildings were damaged and two places were on fire. According to the reports, Russia fired 55 missiles and 47 of them were shot down by the Ukrainian Defense Forces. It is reported that Russia’s target was Ukraine’s energy production center.

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The attack was reportedly sparked by anger over the US and Germany agreeing to supply Ukraine with battle tanks. The US has announced that it will provide 31 Abrams battle tanks to Ukraine. And German Chancellor Olaf Scholz also gave the green light to supply battle tanks to Ukraine. In this way, many European countries, including Britain, have come forward to help Ukraine. That has angered Russia.

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