12 guns and 25,000 cartridges found in California attacker’s home

The arsenal is in addition to the three 9mm pistols carried by Samuel James Cassidy on the day of the shooting.

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The arsenal is in addition to the three 9mm pistols carried by Samuel James Cassidy on the day of the shooting.


The man what shot dead to nine of his coworkers in a railway complex on California I had stockpiled weapons Y 25 thousand cartridges in its home prior to set it on fire so that the fire coincided with the slaughter that would perpetrate in his workplace against whom he had been furious for years.

The researchers They found 12 weapons, several cans of gasoline and what they looked like Molotov bombs on the living place from Samuel James Cassidy, from 57 years, on Saint Josephsaid the office of the sheriff county of Santa Clara in a statement released Friday.

The subject also used a peculiar method to retard the fire in his house while he was away: He put “ammunition in a pot on a stove,” said Officer Russell Davis.

The liquid in the pot – without the researchers yet knowing it was inside – reached boiling point, igniting an accelerant and possibly gunpowder from nearby cartridges.

The arsenal found in the burning home of Cassidy, 57, is in addition to the three 9mm pistols he brought to the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority in San Jose on Wednesday, authorities said.

The man also had 32 high-capacity magazines and fired 39 shots.

The guns found at the scene were legally registered to Cassidy, Davis reported, without elaborating on how he obtained them.

Davis did not specify the type of weapons officers found in the home or whether Cassidy was in legal possession of them.

Authorities said the home was in disarray, items were piled up to the point that it appeared Cassidy might be an accumulator of things, and she had weapons stored near the hallways near the doors and elsewhere.

Sgt. Joe Piazza told reporters that the various places Cassidy kept the guns might have allowed him “access to them in an emergency” perhaps in case the police went to his home.

Unknown motivation

Cassidy took her own life when sheriff’s deputies rushed into the railroad complex in the heart of Silicon Valley, where she shot dead nine men ages 29 to 63. He had worked at the site for more than 20 years.

The causes of the massacre remain under investigation, authorities said.

Although witnesses and Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith have said Cassidy appeared to specifically shoot certain people, the sheriff’s office said Friday that “it is clear that the event was planned and the man was willing to use his firearms. fire to take as many lives as possible ”.

Cassidy’s father, James, told the Mercury News in San Jose that his son suffered from bipolar disorder.

He pointed out that this was no excuse for committing the massacre and offered his apologies to the families of the victims.

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