12-year-old girl dies in physical education class in Moimenta da Beira

A 12-year-old girl died this Tuesday morning at the beginning of a physical education class, in the pavilion of the Moimenta da Beira Secondary School, victim of “a cardiorespiratory arrest”, as confirmed by the commander of the Fire Department, José Alberto Requeijo.

The volunteer firefighters were called for an episode of epilepsy, which was the young woman’s history. “It had happened before and the girl was even being accompanied by the specialty”, said the commander.

José Alberto Requeijo says that the emergency team that arrived “saw the employees and teacher in a panic, already trying to do the basic support maneuvers”.

The teenager went into cardiorespiratory arrest, which was even reversed with the help of SIV when the AED was applied.

The girl was also transported to the emergency services of Moimenta da Beira while waiting for the Viseu helicopter.

In the urgency, a repetition of cardiorespiratory arrest caused the death to be declared there.

The firefighter commander also stated that “today all means have been deployed quickly”.

Four operatives were accompanied by two ambulances, INEM and a helicopter.


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