12:30 p.m. news – Daval trial: expert brushes Jonathann’s worrying psychiatric profile

Jonathan Daval is back in the box of the accused before the Assises of Haute-Saône this Thursday, November 19. Wednesday, he had turned pale before collapsing after three quarters of an hour of interrogation. The questions will resume in the afternoon, after in the morning the accused must have heard the portrait made of him by the expert psychiatrist, that of a man with two personalities.

Sixth child in his family, Jonathann grew up being complexed in college, developing tocs, like washing your hands dozens of times a day. The expert even wonders if he did not have traumas of the sexual type in his very early childhood.

Jonathan is a shy, self-effacing personality, and he’s amazed when it’s Alexia, “that pretty girl”, who kisses him the first night after they meet. The couple get along well but very quickly, agreement problems arise, and lead to Jonathann’s helplessness. He describes himself to the expert as lonely, submissive, allowing himself to be easily dominated, like a coward.

A chameleon personality

But there is two men juxtaposed in him. The shy and lonely man, and the one who is meticulous, maniac, with dominant outbursts. The two characters will never cross, what the psychiatric expert calls a “false self”. As if Jonathann Daval himself didn’t exist. This is why it adapts to everything, and to everyone.

This is a chameleon personality, he reacts as he thinks we would like him to react. Ideal son-in-law when he is in his in-laws, husband who complains about Alexia when he sees his mother in secret. This kind of personality develops a certain sense of manipulation to adapt to people and circumstances, to erase the bad image he has of him.

Thus, this personality does not support the rupture, and it is when it is put in front of its responsibilities that these two facets try to find themselves physically, that it goes badly. For the expert this is how the discomfort intervened on Wednesday, when Jonathann had to explain himself.

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