13-year-old twins found dead, mother suspected of poisoning

“At 12:30 pm, the gendarmes intervened at the home of a family residing in Poulainville, after the discovery of the lifeless bodies of two twin brothers, aged 13,” said the public prosecutor, Alexandre de Bosschère in a statement. .

Their mother, “42 years old who lived alone with her three children, as well as her eldest son aged 14, were hospitalized. Their days are not in danger, ”he added.

“The remarks made by the mother to the first witnesses, the discovery of a great number of drugs near the bodies and the first forensic findings made by the forensic doctor on the spot lead the investigators and the prosecution to favor the hypothesis of an act criminal committed by the mother on her children ”.

“The state of the latter is for the moment not compatible with police custody,” said the prosecutor.

A flagrant investigation for intentional homicides with premeditation was opened and the search section of the gendarmerie seized, the statement continued. Autopsies are due to take place early next week.


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