130,000 circuit breakers identified by Enedis have a potential manufacturing defect

More than 300,000 circuit breakers manufactured between May 2017 and April 2019 by General Electric, Hager, Eaton, ABB and supplied by Enedis may have a manufacturing defect, unveiled West France this Wednesday, October 30th.

170,000 have already been identified and replaced, while 130,000 electrical boxes still present a potential risk in case of overheating of the electrical system or short circuit. "Differential tripping system may not work», Thus acknowledged Enedis, quoted in West France.

It was one of the suppliers who warned that "a series of circuit breakers would be potentially defective"Explained the subsidiary of EDF, in charge of operating these devices.

The circuit breakers concerned are branch circuit breakers, that is to say serving as an additional safety system to the electrical panel circuit breaker. They are particularly located in Brittany and in the Pays de la Loire. The identified customers have also already received a letter, says Enedis.

In concrete terms, these faulty electromechanical boxes may not cut the power during a short circuit or in case of overheating. "If the installation concerns a standard house, this defect will have little impact. There are other safeties on electrical panels that are more sensitive than these circuit breakers in case of problemsExplains an electrician to our colleagues in West France.

On the other hand, the situation may be more problematic in buildings that are not up to standard. To find these faulty circuit breakers, Enedis, as their operations manager, launched a localization campaign in early summer and sent new letters in mid-October. If in doubt, users should call 0 800 730 820 to make a diagnosis.

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