136,000 training courses were accepted in 3 months via the application

Two-thirds of this training involved workers and employees, reports the Ministry of Labor.

Through Le Figaro with AFP

People first wanted to know how much they had in euros on the CPF“Explains the entourage of Minister Muriel Pénicaud. Ludovic MARIN / AFP

Success for “my training account“. Launched three months ago, this application has already given rise to 136,000 accepted files, two thirds of which are workers and employees according to the Ministry of Labor. The application, whose objective is to allow everyone to register for training without an intermediary, has been downloaded 967,000 times since its launch on November 21. More than five million unique visitors were registered on the My Account Training site and the CPF app, or one in four employees, according to the ministry.

At the top of the 136,000 accepted training: driver’s license (14,000), skills assessment (9,000), business creation and takeover (5,000), tests in English TOEIC (5,000) or in TOSA IT (4,000). ..

But the “best newsFor the ministry is that the application was used 56% by people with a diploma less than or equal to the Bac and 67% by workers and employees who train in companies half as much as managers. “It is a democratization of access to training“, It is believed that one of the fears was that the app remains elitist.

People first wanted to know how much they had in euros on the CPF“Explains the entourage of Minister Muriel Pénicaud. For a year, the CPF has no longer been supplied with hours but with euros. The account is credited with 500 euros per year (800 for unskilled employees) up to a limit of 5,000 euros (8,000). The next installment will be made in April for 2019. “It is the confirmation that this change in euros was a good measure for the French to be interested in training.“, While some actors feared a loss of rights, we judge.

The average amount taken from the CPF is 1,190 euros while the average remaining charge for the individual is 490 euros. In less than three months, the Caisse des Dépôts (which pays the training organizations) has already committed 158 million euros out of the billion in funding planned until the end of 2019. The ministry believes that this should be enough for the planned ramp-up of the device: in March the app will be accessible to the self-employed, in April Pôle Emploi will be able to add to the account of the unemployed and in June companies, branches or regional councils will be able to complete the account of employees to promote certain skills.


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