14 signs your relationship is over

At one point, you suddenly realize that the relationship with your partner has not been pleasing to you for a long time, rather it is even depressing. A loved one has become indifferent, or, moreover, begins to annoy. Indeed, the psychology of relations between a man and a woman is such that you have neither the desire nor the need to “shake up”, refresh these relationships, writes Cluber. And it’s good when you are not yet familiar with pregnancy and childbirth, motherhood, children or raising children, because in this case you will not be envied.

So, here are 14 signs that a relationship has run its course:

1. No matter how long your relationship lasted, they no longer make you happy and elated. Your expectations have not been met. Now you feel only disappointment. Try to adequately assess what you both expected from this relationship and whether everything is really bad. Maybe it’s just seasonal depression that you just have to go through? Talk to your partner and you will see if he wants to return your relationship to the previous level, or … you will have to discuss the details of the breakup …

2. If initially your partner is lazy, stupid, inattentive, indifferent to your problems, then it is in vain to dream that someday your love will change him. Most likely it won’t. So either put up with this state of affairs (which can negatively affect both your moral and physical health), or leave!

3. Dig into yourself: why are you with him? Are you afraid to be alone and not live up to society’s standards? Are you afraid to disappoint your relatives? You do not want to assert yourself and conquer self-doubt? Or do you feel a sense of duty and gratitude for what has been done for you? Deal with it – and you will understand whether it is worth maintaining this relationship.

4. If you tried to re-educate a loved one, but it was unsuccessful, then you fell in love with a fictional image, and not with him. Here you will either have to look at the real him and accept him as he is, or leave so that it does not get worse.

5. Another cause of disappointment in a relationship can be sexual dissatisfaction – both yours and your partner’s. If you wish, you can try to fix everything, but if there is already no desire, it is better to let go of the past.

6. It is possible that your disappointment is due to the fact that you do not see the prospects in your relationship – you clearly know that you will not become husband and wife. Stop trying to fix everything.

7. Maybe you are tired of trying to seem better, and your partner does not perceive such changes, then you should not persuade him. You deserve more.

8. If you get bored with him, and you can have fun only if you have money, then you have different views on entertainment, holidays and everyday life, good and bad. If this is depressing you, then you should not continue the relationship.

9. If he is not interested in your affairs, successes, he listens to you and frankly yawns – indifference on his face. You shouldn’t be in a relationship like this.

10. More and more quarrels occur between you, but they are no longer a tragedy. And having reconciled, you no longer experience the former relief. So, it’s time to put an end.

11. Weaknesses of the partner, which you did not notice before, have become intolerable. You stopped forgiving him mistakes, and now you just wait for him to make a mistake. You sort things out for any reason. Maybe there is nothing to find out?

12. If your partner started buying you gifts only on official holidaysand then, out of politeness, and does not see the need to please you just like that, know that you do not need to regret such a person.

13. If your man tortured you with jealousyespecially unfounded, and your life has turned into a nightmare – get away from this person as soon as possible.

14. When you start to sort things out, then they end. You make a lot of claims to each other. In this case, it is better to disperse, if you cannot be together, it is better not to lose respect for each other.

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