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Not only does heating survive the cold. Whether or not you have a system to heat the rooms installed at home, it is normal that other methods are needed to fight the cold without spending gas or electricity. In fact, some solutions may be simpler than you think, but maybe you hadn't thought about them and they can help you save money in this fall-winter season.

That's why in EL PAÍS Showcase We have set ourselves to the task and we propose up to 14 solutions to combat the cold at home without having to turn on the heating. For this, we have chosen different kinds of products, from electric pads and blankets to small heaters and portable radiators. And, of course, we have not ruled out the more traditional methods, such as blankets, comforters and the very popular batamanta.


Heating pad

Whether to avoid the cold while watching a series on the sofa or reading a book in bed, this pad will allow you to warm any part of the body. It has a size of 30x60cm and, thanks to its great flexibility, it adapts easily to the neck, back, stomach, thighs, legs or any area of ​​the body. It offers six levels of heat and a rapid heating function, in addition to automatic shutdown to prevent accidents. It includes a 230 cm long power cable and the cover can be machine washed.

Buy for € 21.99 at Amazon

Electric blanket

If a pad is not enough for you and you are looking for something that covers the entire body, this electric blanket is undoubtedly the best solution. It has ample measures of 130x180cm and, in addition, it is reversible. Both faces are soft and fluffy, and offer six levels of heat for use most of the year. To this is added a rapid heating function and an automatic shutdown system to prevent accidents. The temperature controller is removable, so it can be machine washed without any problem.

Buy for € 45.99 at Amazon

Heats electric beds

And if what you want is to feel wrapped as soon as you go to bed, this heated electric bed will have the warm mattress when you need it. It allows you to select between six different heat levels and has a 100 watt turbo function to heat quickly, plus an automatic shutdown system with overheating protection. It has two heating zones: one for the body and another one, extra warm, for the foot area. The electronic accessories are removable, so it can be machine washed.

Buy for € 34.99 at Amazon


Electric pad for back, shoulders and neck

If, in addition to looking for an accessory to warm the body, you also need the greatest ergonomics and comfort, this pad may be what you need. It works as a kind of vest that fits perfectly to the area of ​​the back, shoulders and neck and has six levels of heat for all these areas. Its flannel surface offers a soft touch and allows the heat to be distributed more evenly. It has a magnetic closure and thick edges that help to adjust it naturally and comfortably around the neck and shoulders, so that the hands are free. This, added to its long power cable, allow great mobility.

Buy for € 37.99 at Amazon

Foot warmer

For some people, the feet are the part of the body that suffers most during the cold season; But with this heater specially designed to provide three levels of heat, that problem is over. In addition, it has a safety system that protects against overheating and prevents accidents, since it also has an automatic shutdown after 90 minutes. It has a very soft inner lining, which is also breathable, removable, spongy and washable. It is ideal for people with sizes up to 46.

Buy for € 29.99 at Amazon

Hot water bag

A perfect method to avoid the cold and also the expense of electrical energy is this hot water bag, which is made of thermoplastic to keep the heat for hours. In addition, it has an outer felt sheath that makes it softer and more comfortable, but also prevents possible burns that could be caused by coming into direct contact with the plastic. It has a capacity of two liters and has a neck without joints to prevent leaks.

Buy for € 11.47 on Amazon


Coral Batamanta

Since in 2010 the humorist Isaac Sánchez uploaded a parody of the American commercial of the batamanta to YouTube – name with which he baptized it -, this product became a phenomenon in Spain. Almost a decade later, in addition to the classic model, many other variations can be found. But the original batamanta is this, the one with wide sleeves and soft touch that covers the entire body. It is made of Carolina and has a handy pocket to store the controls of the television, mobile or tablet. In addition, the bottom edge is folded over itself, in the form of a foot bag.

Buy for € 22.99 at Amazon

Flannel sofa blanket

If you prefer a less risky design that can also be shared, nothing better than the classic sofa blanket. Enjoy long sessions of series, movies or sports on TV without going cold thanks to the flannel plush with which it is made. This also provides a more breathable and lighter feel than the normal cotton blanket. Thanks to its 100% polyester fabric, it provides resistance to discoloration and stains. It is available in four sizes and more than 10 different colors.

Buy for € 16.99 at Amazon

Flannel / Sherpa reversible blanket

Is the classic plush blanket too light or too soft for your taste? Then we recommend this reversible model, which on the one hand presents a flannel plush fabric, while the other side is made with extra soft and thick sherpa. In addition, it is more resistant to fading and staining than cotton blankets and has little elasticity, so it maintains its shape more easily. It is available in 13 colors and three different sizes.

Buy for € 29.99 at Amazon

Pikolin Home Quilt

The first thing to review is the 300 grams per square meter of filling that this quilt has –the best selling on Amazon-, a perfect thickness for rooms with medium temperature. It is made with Ecolofil fiber, which is light and offers a soft and soft touch, in addition to allowing better air circulation, breathability and greater insulating capacity. Its tissue also has the advantage of being hypoallergenic and its anti-mite treatment, making it ideal for people suffering from allergic rhinitis, asthma, eczema and allergies. Their models start from the cradle measures (100x120cm in total size) to those of an extra large bed (280x240cm), passing through those of single and double beds.

Buy for € 32.99 at Amazon


Rowenta Comfort Compact SO2320F2 heater

This heater has an adjustable power and, therefore, you can use it with two different modes: the maximum power, which reaches 2,000 watts, and the mute function, which with a power of 1,000 watts reduces the level of noise produced by the device. It also has a mechanical anti-frost device and a cold air fan for spring and summer. And if you are worried about finding where you are going to keep it, you should know that it has reduced measures 21 x 17.5 x 27.5 centimeters.

Buy for € 29.99 at Amazon

Orbegozo FH-5028 electric heater

Do you frequently work at home and look for a heater to keep your feet warm when you are at your desk? This compact Orbegozo model is ideal for these cases, as it offers two powerful positions of heat, 1,000 and 2,000 watts. In addition, it has an adjustable temperature controller with thermostat and overheat protection.

Buy for € 17 at Amazon

Aigostar Warm Snow 33JHF portable oil radiator

Of course, it is not necessary to have a heating system installed at home to enjoy the heat of a radiator. As shown, this Aigostar oil model, which offers three levels of power —Of 1,000, 1,500 and 2,500 watts—, as well as a thermostat temperature control that allows you to select the desired degrees for maximum comfort. It has 13 heat elements with double U tubes for faster heating and greater energy efficiency. In addition, for total safety, it has an indicator with pilot light to check at all times when the radiator is working, safety switch and protection against overheating. It includes wheels to move it easily.

Buy for € 79.99 at Amazon

Orbegozo BP 3300 quartz stove

A final practical method for heating small rooms without heating is this quartz stove, which has three levels of power: 400, 800 and 1,200 watts. Its instant heat technology allows you to start heating just by turning it on. In addition, it has a protected reflector of high brightness, which helps create a greater sensation of heat, while being well protected. It includes a roll over system which disconnects the device if it turns over or falls to ensure the safety of the users.

Buy for € 18.75 at Amazon

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* All purchase prices included in this article are updated as of November 12, 2019.

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