14-year-old Chinese indulges in mobile games and runs out of his father’s cancer medical expenses-Hong Kong unwire.hk

At present, it is very common to play games with class money. Whether it is to support game production, or if you want to exchange for more game equipment, class money can be regarded as the most convenient and quick way. But recently, a 14-year-old boy from Zhengzhou, Henan, China spent nearly 80,000 yuan (about 100,000 Hong Kong dollars) for lessons because he was addicted to mobile games. When his father’s advanced cancer needed another chemotherapy, the family found only 3.6 cents left in the bank account.

The boy’s family said that he spent more than 40,000 yuan (approximately HKD 50,000) for the internal tuition of the mobile game “Ball Battle” in August, and spent 18,000 yuan (approximately HKD 2.2) in September and October respectively. RMB 10,000), RMB 20,000 (approximately HK$24,000), a total of more than RMB 80,000 (approximately HK$100,000). Because the teenager has been going to school in Shaolin Temple, his family worried that he would not have enough to eat, so they asked him to connect to the bank card, but there was no SMS reminder to connect to the bank card. It was not until earlier that when the family went to the bank to withdraw money, they found that there were only a few cents left in the card.

The teenager also said that because he envied the good-looking equipment of others playing games, he thought about the lesson money first, and then he wanted to buy more different equipment. When I play with my friends, I feel that I am very good, and my friends will also lend him a game account. But it turned out that the boy had never been aware of his father’s condition. The family members had never revealed his father’s condition to him because he was worried that his education would be affected. Knowing that the bank deposit was his father’s medical expenses, the teenager expressed regret.

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“Shanghai Giant Network Technology Co., Ltd.”, the game company of “Battle Ball”, said that if it is verified that it is indeed a minor “top-up”, it will conduct internal consultations. At present, the game company has applied for humanitarian compensation for them, and the full refund of the previous RMB 82,441 yuan has been refunded.

source:Sina Weibo

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