15 active COVID-19 outbreaks reported in seniors’ homes

A total of 15 outbreaks of COVID-19 are currently active in different long-term care facilities or homes for the elderly in Puerto Rico, adding to the 75 outbreaks that have been reported so far in these places.

This was reported by the president of the Association of Owners of Long-Term Care Centers, Juanita Aponte Morales, in an interview with Radio Isla.

“We currently have 75 outbreaks and over 170 older adults who have died in institutions,” said Aponte Morales, who added that in these centers the virus had been kept under control but as more people in the community become infected, the cases began to reach homes.

“It was about time that we started with that because perhaps younger populations that are infected with the virus are contagious and can overcome it. The older adults that we serve are people who have their immune system decreased so we can lose them very easily”, explained.

On the other hand, Aponte Morales asserted that some of these outbreaks have occurred in large institutions that house 100 people or more, which may symbolize a higher risk due to the difficulty of not being able to divide the sick population from which it has not been infected.

Here you can hear their expressions:


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