15 easy braid hairstyles ideas to wear with loose hair

Braids with loose hair: easy hairstyles

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Braids with loose hair: easy hairstyles

If you are one of those who loves combing your hair with braids because they are very easy and quick to do, you will like this, because we have some options for you Hairstyles with braids that you can use with loose hair to see you cute, feminine and elegant at the same time.

The good news is, you are braids with loose hair You can do them in different lengths, so take full advantage of your hair and style it as you like.

We found this tutorial from Peace and Vogue that teaches how to do four basic braids with loose hair; from there you can create some other variants:

1. Double glued or root braids

This type of braids has been in trend for some years.

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2. Loose braid headband

It is a more relaxed style, the key is to wave the rest of your hair.

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2. Two braids in front

On each side, make a braid that starts glued and ends until the end of your mane.

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3. Two loose half braids

They are attached and are French style.

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4. Loose braid in crown

It is perfect for long or short hair.

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5. Woven braid crown

It is simpler than it seems; I found a tutorial, I leave it at the end of this image.

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Check out this tutorial to replicate it:

6. Side braid

The previous tutorial explains how to make a glued braid, it is a very similar process to achieve this hairstyle, you only have to braid half of your hair.

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7. Scarf braid

This braid is looser and for a special touch, add a scarf or scarf.

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8. Half braid headband

Pick your hair up in front, it is a very cute and easy hairstyle.

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9. Half braid on the side out

It is similar to the previous one, but this is complete and visible.

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10. Loose braid crown

This hairstyle is very simple, you just need to braid two strands of hair from the temples, braid them and tie them with a garter at the end.

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11. Mohawk pincer stuck

It gives a very urban and trendy style.

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12. Braid headband with collected

The proposal is to weave two French-type braids that start at the temples and, at the end, instead of leaving the hair down, make a collection: it can be a bun, bun or onion (as they say where you live).

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13. Relaxed braid headband

Make a loose braid that starts at the bottom, in the middle of your hair and cross it to the opposite side.

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14. Braided locks

This is one of the simplest hairstyles with braids and loose hair you can get.

You just have to braid two or more strands of your hair and tie them at the end with thin garters.

It’s about a style aesthetic 100%.

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15. Double Side Root Braid

This hairstyle is a bit more elaborate because, as you can see, it requires more styling of the hair and mastering various styles and combining them.

At the end I left another tutorial that could help you understand it better.

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Here is the explanation to achieve it:

Here we have more options easy braids for short hair Y hairstyles that combine braids and pigtails that you can do in less than 5 minutes.

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