15% of adults suffer from mental disorders

The clinical psychologist, Dr. Abdullah Al-Waili that Psychological health A very important major factor for the quality of social life, including creating a practical and effective environment.

Al-Waili pointed out that there are organizational standards, policies, and procedures that help effectively prevent the effects of the job environment on mental health, by strengthening and strengthening workers, especially those who suffer from mental disorders.

He continued: The practical and functional environment is one of the most important factors that achieve psychological security of both individual and collective types, especially when it is characterized by interaction, cooperation, flexibility, justice and equality, while the opposite poses a real threat to mental health.

Protect mental health

Al-Waili indicated that the work environment can protect and support mental health for all workers so that they can enjoy a safe and healthy environment in which they can provide all their capabilities, capabilities and creativity, especially if we know that about 60% of the world’s population engage in work, and that it is a source of livelihood for them and a land Fertile for social integration and interaction, by establishing positive social relations for the members of the same society.

He added that work is a positive opportunity to practice organized routine activities that raise self-confidence, a sense of responsibility, and achieve ambition and happiness with achievement.

He noted that it is a real wonderful opportunity for individuals who are suffering ailments Mental health, as it helps their integration and interaction with others, in addition to teaching and training them on the necessary social skills that increase their self-confidence.

Precautions are required

Al-Waili said: A healthy and safe work environment always leads to a reduction in anxiety and tension and reduces conflicts between employees, and thus improves performance and productivity, and the exact opposite affects the employee living with mental health ailments, given his inability to enjoy his work.

He also indicated that, according to some studies, it is estimated that in 2019, the percentage of adults of working age who suffer from a mental disorder reached about 15%.

Practical mental health comes within a clear mechanism that must be realized and implemented by those responsible for the health and safety of workers by taking the required preventive measures against any work-related mental illnesses.

The most important of these measures is creating an environment conducive to change and preventing psychological and social risks, in addition to protecting and promoting occupational mental health in the workplace and supporting workers with mental illnesses.

Clinical psychiatrist Abdullah Al-Waili - today

Education and training of officials

Dr.. Al-Waili indicated that to protect mental health, it is necessary to educate and train officials on the nature and nature of mental disorder, and what are the indicators and signs of emotional distress among employees, in addition to learning about social skills to deal with others such as silence, open communication, listening skills, and the ability to manage direct psychological and social pressures. and indirect.

He said that this is achieved by educating and training employees on the psychological culture that qualifies them to interact with each other according to collective achievement, away from individualism and communism.

He added that the practical and functional environment often results in some psychological and social pressures that affect in one way or another the workers, especially since psychological pressure is normal and is considered one of the diseases of the age.

He emphasized that all age groups of both sexes are exposed to different pressures, but that all social classes without exception may be affected by it at any time, at any time and place, when its main conditions are met, which are a group of factors, including lack of self-confidence and emotional immaturity, as well as the inability to deal with Attitudes and events in addition to poor social relationships.

Mental health is an important key factor in creating a working environment - today

The functional leader is responsible

The psychiatrist, Dr. Abdullah Al-Waili that the functional environment is one of the fields life Social, the most important of which is at the level of human relations, as it is one of the most likely ways to suffer from psychological pressure, and any employee may be exposed to pressure, whether directly or indirectly, due to the different personalities, the complexity of many life matters, and the weakness of human principles and values ​​that make the individual lose a sense of individual psychological security and group, which directly affects mental health.

And he indicated that the leader and official in the functional field is the main, first and last concern in enabling employees to have mental health by applying justice and equality with the utmost positive flexibility and creating a collective interaction of creativity in job performance in which there is compromise and support that guarantees the rights of the employee, and helps him with psychological calm and good psychological and social stability.

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